Why Responsive Email Design is Important for your Business

PC Sales are down. Mobile adoption is high. Mobile traffic is increasing.
2013 can certainly be called the year of Responsive Design.

Mobile adoption has grown so much that we want everything adapted to mobile devices – email templates included! We at Zoho Campaigns understand the importance of this trend and that’s why we have made all of our pre-designed templates and layouts responsive.

So, what’s Responsive Email Design?

This concept makes your email templates look good on any device your recipient is holding – a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or even the desktop. The email automatically adjusts itself to the size of the screen.

Should you care about this? YES! and for good reasons:

Email gets checked everywhere

Mobile open rates are growing and your recipients are constantly checking emails. Emails not optimized for mobile devices give your recipients a very bad experience and most often they get deleted.

Responsive Emails = Better Experience = Better Conversions. Need I say more?

It encourages the reader to click

Take this case. One of your subscribers is looking for good offers on furniture for her new apartment. While she’s checking updates on her phone, your email reaches her. You have new arrivals in your store and your subscriber clicks to know more about the offer. You got yourself a customer.

‘One size fits all’

You don’t have to create separate templates for every device that’s out in the market. Responsive Email Design automatically adjusts to the size of your recipient’s device. It’s a lot of time and effort saved and you can focus on your subject lines and the content of the email.

Giving this experience to your audience is simple. Just select one of the pre-designed templates or layouts in Zoho Campaigns for your next email campaign. I tried one of the templates and this is how it looks:


So, what portion of your audience is mobile? If you’re a Zoho Campaigns user, do this: Check the User Agent report of any of your previous email campaigns. It’s very likely that you’ll notice a considerable portion of your recipients using a mobile phone and/or a tablet.


How do you know if your responsive email designs are working for you? It’s best to keep a check on your open rates and click rates. Keep checking if they’re increasing with every campaign.

Go ahead, try them out. You could even send out a test email to yourself. Do let us know how it goes.

– Sharanya


8 Replies to Why Responsive Email Design is Important for your Business

  1. This article was written 5 years ago. Zoho understands the need for responsive email YET, 5 years later, we still do not have responsive email templates. As mobile numbers continue to increase, Zoho continues to frustrate users and is now making itself obsolete.

  2. Hello. I am looking for a solution to make the Zoho forms responsive. Ellen, can you give me the solution you found ? Or, Zoho Team, can you help me ? Thanks

  3. The web signup forms should have a beautiful design aesthetic, but they do not. A CRM company that offers website forms should put high value on design and designers, instead of being cheap. Signup forms should be responsive, just like modern websites. Zoho web signup forms do not work on a table or smartphone.

  4. I agree with the last comment. It's frustrating that the Zoho webforms are not responsive. Google is currently rewarding all responsive content so we have to spend extra money to make our Zoho webform responsive, thus rank higher in Google. Bad form Zoho.

  5. I was shocked and frustrated to see that the web intake form is completely not responsive, must be 600 pixels wide when pasted into Wordpress or websites, which is non-usable on smartphones. Bad, bad ZOHO!!!!

  6. The Zoho Campaign email template section has set of templates specifically for smartphones in addition to other templates. Do we now assume that all email templates in Zoho Campaigns are " Responsive?

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