There are better ways to engage customers: Introducing Visitor Tracking, Social, Telephony and more!

Last week we announced our biggest release ever, which included Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Sales IQ and Zoho Social. This week, we’ve some more new and interesting features that will help you make your company into a customer-focused organization.8 New Features in Zoho CRMClose the loop between Ad Dollars and Offline Conversions

The famous lines by John Wanamaker “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” is now passé. Zoho CRM for Google AdWords bridges the gap between the online ad campaigns and lead generation process. It pulls the impressions, clicks, cost, etc., data into CRM, and exports the offline conversion data from CRM to AdWords. So you can now measure a customer’s journey from the ad click to the conversion. This complete cycle – from click to deal – also provides you with the ROI of each ad campaign, giving you a clear picture of the campaigns that are profitable and the ones which are not.

Google AdWords Integration

CRM Views – A New Design Approach

At times, you may find yourself working on some trivial tasks leaving you with little or no time to focus on the important ones. The CRM View intelligently scans your customers according to their stages in the sales cycle. It’s categorized based on the leads, customers and potential customers, which gives you a fair idea of the activities that demand your attention. The CRM View is available for Activities, Social and Visits module. CRM ViewsTurn Website Visitors into Customers

Website visitors are the hottest prospects for any business. And with Visitor Tracking, powered by Zoho SalesIQ, you get better insights into the online behavior of your target customers such as the pages navigated, the actions performed on each page, the duration of each website visit and potentials associated with them. The CRM View for Visitor Tracking prioritizes the prospects so you can plan your conversations before contacting them.

Social Selling

We already have Facebook and Twitter integration, which allows you to see the posts and tweets from a customer. Now with the new Social tab, you can listen to customer conversations over social media and engage with them right from your CRM account.​


The CRM View for Social helps you identify which tweets and Facebook posts are coming from existing customers, from prospects and from unknown contacts. So now you can easily connect with prospects and build better customer ​relationships without leaving your CRM account.

You don’t have to go by our word. Check out this tweet from one of our early access customers.

@zoho is truly amazing especially with all the new features with the social media tab – @VegasJai

Collaborative CRM

Feeds give you instant insights into​ what’s happening in your sales pipeline. ​It takes Sales Tracking to the next level by allowing you to follow prospects that matter the most to your business. A centralized location for communication, Feeds give you the flexibility to work as groups, share attachments, send direct messages and to post statuses.

Here’s what Christina Furst from Transact has to say about Feeds:

I realized last week while utilizing my CRM the FEED functionality and how much time this cut off my daily entering. By simply hovering over the contact icon the number, email and description pops up that I last spoke to as well as all the comments made on that contact are  shown from anyone who has called on the lead.  I can also see my teams calls and notes immediately. I just realized we can attach a file when adding a new comment through feeds. This feed functionality rocks and is by far one of my favorite tools in the CRM.

feedsBuild. Send. View Survey Responses 

By integrating Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM, you can regularly schedule surveys, automate and distribute them right from Zoho CRM. The survey results are shown contextually within CRM, giving you better insights on the customers’ needs and to chart out an effective strategy for customer retention.

Manage Projects contextually inside your CRM

Sales activities do ​not usually end by just winning a deal. You may need to know the progress of a client’s deliverable from a project management system. With the Zoho Projects integration, you can now manage the entire customer lifecycle – right from generating leads to closing deals and executing projects – from one place. Track the progress of a project i.e., the tasks, the milestones and the issues right from your CRM account.

There’s more…

Our PhoneBridge now includes connectors for Twilio and Ringio. The API for hosted PBX is open to all telephony vendors to integrate with Zoho CRM.

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11 Replies to There are better ways to engage customers: Introducing Visitor Tracking, Social, Telephony and more!

  1. Does the new version support visitor tracking from individual emails sent within Zoho or just from email campaigns? I'm looking to achieve similar functionality such as yesware, sidekick, toutapp, etc. to know when leads have opened direct personal emails as well as campaign emails.

    1. Hi Brian, Visitor Tracking helps track your website visitors directly inside Zoho CRM. You can see who is visiting your website, initiate a chat and convert them into customers. The functionality you have mentioned sounds interesting. I'll pass it on to the engineering team.

  2. Would be very nice if the post indicated which of these 'new' services are included in which ZohoCRM subscription. I don't have time to dig through each to ID pricing, please make it easy to understand the value proposition here.

    1. Hi Dennis, Zoho CRM for Google AdWords is available in the Enterprise edition. Whereas, Visitor Tracking, Social, Survey Integration and Projects Integration are available in all paid editions. The CRM View for Activities and Feeds are available in all the editions.

    1. Hi Pulkit, The CRM View, which is our new design approach is available for the Activities module in the Free edition. Apart from this, Feeds is also available for the Free account.

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