Task management on Cliq

Task management is not easy.

Sure, rattling off a list of items from a checklist may seem like a breeze, but once your checklist gets long, you need to find a way to prioritize.

Task management is especially difficult when you're working against a deadline or if you have a team to manage and delegate tasks to. What if your team collaboration software came with a way to effectively manage your tasks while staying connected to your team?

This blog post will help shed light on how task management and team collaboration go hand-in-hand with Cliq.

But first...

Why is task management important?

According to a study of 600 businesses and IT professionals by Geneca, 75 percent of respondents reported their projects are always or usually slated to fail from the beginning. This is mainly found to happen due to lack of confidence, which in turn is due to a lack of proper project management practices.

When handling group projects, team collaboration is also critical, and more often than not, it can be a hassle to take care of both task management and team collaboration simultaneously. We usually miss out on one of the two.

This can also lead to failure in projects that have been assigned to other people due to lack of proper communication which can land a serious blow to workplace productivity.

Here's how Zoho Cliq can help combat this.

Zoho Cliq is not just collaboration software: it's designed exclusively for work, and allows you to not only communicate with your team regarding tasks, but also to manage and track those tasks effectively with features such as:

  • Bots

  • Reminders

  • Starred messages

  • Integrations

Let's take a look at how each one helps:


Bots are your friendly virtual assistants that can help you simplify tasks by automating all your workflows. Need a bot to notify you when you’ve been assigned a new issue? Or when one of your clients sign a deal? Cliq helps you sort all that out with just a few lines of code! To find out how you can code a bot on Cliq, head on over to our help docs to find out!


Reminders are a necessity in today’s fast-paced world, where keeping track of your own schedule and to-do’s—as well as keeping track of the tasks assigned to others—is essential. Set reminders in Cliq, not just for yourself, but for other people. You can also turn messages into reminders to keep track of all your tasks and manage them like a pro.

Starred messages

When you’re collaborating with multiple people on various topics or projects, you’re bound to be overloaded with information all around. Keeping track of all the key points, important messages, and updates related to your tasks can be daunting. In Cliq, separate all your important messages to check up on later by “starring” them. Star your messages and sort them based on their category such as “important” or “to-do”.


Keeping track of information from all your apps, as well as making sure your team is well aligned with that knowledge and managing the work in each application, can be a headache. In Cliq, managing your information from different software can be solved by integrating apps.

Integrating different applications like your CRM or incident management software with Cliq allows you and your team to always be in the know and manage all your tasks and information from each application much easier, all in one place.

To view some of our already existing integrations, head over to Zoho Cliq's Marketplace.

If you want to integrate your app to Cliq, check out our help docs to learn how. 

How you can manage your tasks on Cliq 

Create a bot to inform you as and when you get a notification from any of your third-party applications, like if you've received a new email. Set reminders for each notification to enable you to follow up easily.

You can also set notifications to be posted in your team channel so that everyone in your team is aware of the status of each project and you can assign tasks to your teammates as well as keep track of progress.

So there you have it! Here’s how you can use your team collaboration software to manage your tasks, to improve workplace efficiency.  

If you have any interesting task management tips that you use, please share them in the comments for all of us to know! 


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