How to set a reminder?

How to set a reminder?

You can set a reminder in 4 easy ways: 
- Icon in topbar
- Quick Plus  
- Message Actions
- Command

1. Creating reminder through icon

  • Click on the reminder icon in top bar of Cliq and the reminder panel will appear on screen. 
  • On the field 'Add new reminder' type what you need to be reminded about. 
  • Click on clock icon to set the time. The selected time will be saved automatically. 
  • If you want to assign the reminder to others, then click the @icon and type to select users or a chat (group chats and channels), and click Save. 
    In case of group chats and channels, only one can be selected at a time. 
  • Once the above steps are done, press Enter to create your reminder.

Note: You can also set the reminder without a time. But we strongly recommend setting a time, so that notifications will be received. 

2. Creating reminder through Quick Plus 

  • Click the Quick Plus icon next to Search Bar on top and select Set a Reminder
  • In the pop-up that appears, enter your reminder, set a time, and if this reminder is to be assigned then under @ icon type and select users or a chat. 
    If the reminder is for you, you have to only set the time.
  • Once the time is set and users selected, click Enter

3. Creating reminder through Message Actions

  • Any message you want can be set as a reminder for yourself. 
  • Hover on the message, click the Message Actions icon and select Set Reminder.
  • You can choose a time from the given options or set a custom time. If the message has a time specified in it, then that time will also be displayed in the options for you to choose from. 

4. Creating reminder through command   

  • Use /remind to create a reminder from any chat window. 
  • Creating reminder through the command will not post the reminder in that chat. It will be displayed only for you to see. 

 /remind (@user) (reminder content) (at time)  

Examples:  /remind @userreminder content at time

  1. /remind @scottMeet with Andy from Design Scopeat thursday 3pm
  2. /remind @olivia@abigail Finish the review of product pricing plan doc at july 24 
  3. /remind Read Miller's blogat 6pm today 

    In any chat, enter the /remind command and create a reminder

Note: If you set a reminder with just a date, then by default 9 AM will be the reminder time. 


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