Cliq Integrations

Cliq Integrations 

Stay connected not just within your teams, but with all your apps as well. 

From keeping track of comments in your commit to staying updated on your tasks, Integrations in Cliq help you conquer it all! Install integrations of apps you use and receive notifications, prompts, and updates right in your chat window. 
The following pages list out the apps we have and how you can make use of them the best for your teams (psst... we also have integrations to connect with your favorite Zoho apps as well).

If you don't find an app that you want, you can always build one. Yes, Cliq is a platform where you can build your own army of Bots, Commands and Message Actions. And what's more, building on Cliq is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to learn Zoho's own scripting language—Deluge. The wheels in your head turning fast with the possibilities of exciting ideas and integrations you can build? Then head over to our developer docs to get started!

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