Zoho Campaigns meets Bigin: Getting more out of email marketing and CRM

Getting more out of email marketing and CRM

Two of the biggest challenges modern small businesses face are organizing and nurturing their contacts. Fortunately, there are software solutions for each of these problems. 

Zoho Campaigns, an email marketing software solution, lets you engage with your contacts through wide-reaching, automated email campaigns. However, how do you get the contact details into Campaigns in the first place?

This is where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software comes into play. A good CRM software solution will allow you to easily input visitor information into a database and track interactions with them so you know how likely they are to engage with your business on some level, whether it’s simply downloading a how-to ebook or actually purchasing your goods or services.

If you’re already familiar with CRM, you’ll know that the downside of these services is that they usually come with a price tag that is often too large for small businesses.

That’s why Zoho CRM created Bigin, a lightweight—but still robust—CRM solution for small businesses to more easily manage customer relations.

Even better, we’re proud to announce that Campaigns now seamlessly integrates with Bigin, so you can both track contacts and send them personalized email campaigns with the least amount of effort.

To see how this integration can help your small business, let’s look at an example. Stacy owns a book store and meticulously maintains her contacts using her compact CRM, Bigin. Though she has a lot of contact information at her fingertips, she isn’t sure how to use it to increase her sales. When Jim, one of her vendors, arrives to deliver stationery to the store, she mentions her predicament. Jim recommends trying Campaigns, which he has been using to send automated, personalized emails to his own contacts. With this new integration, Stacy can easily transfer her Bigin contacts into Campaigns and quickly segment them so she sends the most relevant content to the right recipients, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

If you’re like Stacy and looking to extend your email relations with your contacts in CRM, this new integration makes life much simpler.

Zoho Campaigns integrates with Bigin by Zoho CRM

As a small business owner, whether you’re managing day-to-day customer-related activities or setting up email campaigns for better reach and brand recognition, connecting your CRM and email marketing tools can make a huge difference.

Zoho Campaigns’s integration with Bigin means all contacts in the latter can be synced to your Zoho Campaigns account to: 

  • Send contacts personalized and effective emails for further nurturing

  • Activate workflows that trigger responses specifically related to the actions of your email recipients.

  • Understand your contacts’ psyche and target them with the right content at the right time using automated workflows.

Based on your business needs, you can sync your contacts periodically or immediately from Bigin to your Zoho Campaigns account. By doing this, you can reach all your contacts via email and effectively build contact networks.

Moreover, suppose you run a store with online services as well, just like Stacy or Jim, you can cater to your ecommerce customers by connecting it to your Zoho Campaigns account to send onboarding emails, nurturing and re-engagement emails, and customer retention emails. Also, integrating your Campaigns account with Zoho applications like Meeting, Backstage, etc. and other third-party day-to-day usage applications like Unbounce, Wistia, and many more will help in better efficiency and productivity.

Best practices when integrating Zoho Campaigns with Bigin

Map fields to craft personalized emails

To create personalized emails, you’ll need contact data. When you create sync between Bigin and Campaigns accounts, ensure you map the right information necessary to send personalized emails—for example, email address, company details, and region.

Map fields to craft personalized emails

Send response data back to Bigin 

Once your emails are sent, Zoho Campaigns allows you to identify contacts who’ve clicked and opened your emails in the reports section. Push this data back to Bigin so that your sales team can further follow-up with your contacts to improve the likelihood of conversion.

Send response data back to Bigin

There you go! There will be a phase II of this integration, and we’ll reach out again when that is ready. But before that, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, for more information regarding the integration setup, click here.

Still have doubts? No worries—let us know in comments and we will get back to you!


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