Monitor and analyze data better with Custom Home Tabs

Dashboards are the best way to make sense of the recruitment data your company generates and turn it into actionable intelligence. Seeing streams of information interact and influence each other will help you visualize the bigger picture. A well-made dashboard will help you start your day methodically as you’ll be able to systematically track and manage your day-to-day tasks.

The Home Tab of Zoho Recruit gives you a quick glance at the progress of all your hiring activities. It contains components from different modules, such as Candidates, Job Openings, Interviews, and more. One look at the Home Tab components will tell you how your hiring initiatives are faring.

In addition to indicating the progress of your hiring activities, the Home Tab also serves as a great place to organize your day’s work as well as the work of your teams

Building a role-based Home Tab

Using Zoho Recruit’s highly customizable Home Tab, you can build role-based dashboards for your users. You can provide users with full visibility into the essential areas of your hiring process. Each role has different access permissions to your company’s hiring information, enabling users to stay focused on their part of the hiring process.

Coupled with a customizable dashboard, this lets you lay out data visually and provide your users with actionable insights.

A dashboard built for you

One of the most important things a hiring manager needs is visibility of the current hiring pipeline. This dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of what stages jobs are at, how many candidates are at each stage, and where your candidates are applying from.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your hiring process and track the progress of each job opening with Zoho Recruit’s Customizable Home Tab. Add dashboards, custom views, and special reports to your Home Tab, and make your hiring process a cut above the rest.

Components Used

Candidates by Source

The Candidates by Source component helps you understand where your best candidates are coming from. This provides you with valuable insights into how candidates are finding your jobs.

Candidate Pipeline Report

The Candidate Pipeline Report allows you to visualize your hiring process across time and know what stage of your recruitment pipeline your candidates are in. You can then plan your recruitment strategy accordingly.

Jobs Opening Status Report

The Job Opening Status Report details the progress that has been made on active job openings. This is done by grouping jobs by their status and comparing them with the number of associated candidates who also have that same status.

Open Job Openings View

The Open Job Openings view helps you stay updated with a list of open jobs and their details. Combined with the other components, this lets you view your progress and assign priorities.

Hiring Pipeline

The Hiring Pipeline component shows you how many candidates are distributed across each stage in your hiring pipeline for every active job.

This dashboard was built with a generic hiring process in mind. Now, think of how much more you’ll be able to add to this if you customized Zoho Recruit to fit your unique hiring process.

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