Zoho Assist: Empower your Application with Remote Support!

It was the late Steve Jobs who said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” At Zoho Assist, we have taken this idea to heart. It inspired us to connect Zoho Assist with some of the popular Zoho and ManageEngine products so you can harness the power of multiple products working together for you and your business.

Integrate Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist integrates with Zoho Projects, BugTracker

Suppose you are using Zoho Projects or Zoho BugTracker and a customer or colleague reports a bug. Simply reproducing the bug at your end might not always give you a clear picture of the problem.

Thanks to the contextual integration of Zoho Assist in the bugs module of Zoho Projects, now you can see what exactly happens at their end. Once you click Remote Assist on the respective bug, you can quickly connect to the bug reporter’s screen, identify the issue and sort it out in no time.

Using Zoho Assist with ManageEngine

Let’s now turn our attention to ManageEngine products. ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand is a unique ITIL ready help desk software on the cloud. We did a lot of experiments to contextually integrate Zoho Assist with SDP On-Demand so that it can add real value to IT managers.

Now, with a couple of iterations, Zoho Assist seamlessly integrates with the online help desk software. Once your Assets module is configured by installing the probe, you can remotely access any workstation you want with a single click. Remote Control option is available for Requests module too. You can invite the requester through email to get connected to the session.

Zoho Assist - SDP On-Demand Integratiion

ServiceDesk Plus-MSP and SupportCenter Plus are other well-known ManageEngine products that integrate with Zoho Assist, offering concurrent add-on licenses for Remote Support. It helps the users manage their organization’s IT assets and easily support customers who are far away.

If you would like to integrate Remote Support in your application and offer it to your customers, let us know. The best part is it’s FREE.


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