Manage Bugs

The bugs view provides a consolidated view of the progress of bugs. You can view bugs as a list in List View  or as Kanban cards in Kanban View . This is the place to track your bugs status, severity, assignee, and other bug related details relevant to your project. 

In both the bug views you can:

 Add a bug

If you haven't yet added bugs to your project, start adding bugs. In Projects, select the required project and then click Bugs. Click the List or Kanban view.


Click Submit Bug at the top right corner to submit a bug. Specify other bug details such as Problem Title, Problem Description and so on. You can now, attach and share screenshots of any webpage or screen related to a bug using the screen-grabber option. In Drop files or add attachments here.., click the screen grab option and paste or attach the required image, and then click Done to upload the screenshot. An inbuilt draw tool lets you highlight what is important and blackout what you don’t want in the screenshot.

Note: You can filter bugs based on Status, Assignee, Severity, Time, Module, Classification, and Milestone.  You can now associate bugs to Affected Milestone when the bug is detected, and later attach the bug to Release Milestone when it’s resolved and updated.

 Edit a bug

Select a bug to open the Edit Bug screen. You can edit details such as Project,Bug Reminder Affected Milestone, Release Milestone, Assign to, Due on, Status, Severity.

The Edit Bug screen also lets you add and view information related to the bug.

  • Description: Add a description or update the details using Edit Description.
  • Comments: You can add comments while modifying a bug. Use the screen-grabber to share screenshots or the in-built draw tool to highlight or obscure areas.
  • Attachments: Attach and share screenshots using the screen-grabber. Attachments added in Comments and Resolution section are shown here.
  • Resolution: Use this option to resolve the bug while editing. You can also add attachements and screenshots when resolving a bug.
  • Tasks: You can associate a bug to its related task, so that it's easy to track and close the task as well as the associated bugs. Learn More.

  • Log Hours: Add the time you spent on resolving the bug. You can also set the start and end time. Learn More.
  • Link Bugs: You can link and classify related bugs. Learn More.
  • Activities: View the history of the bug. The activities are listed chronologically.
  • Clone: Click Other actions at the top right and then choose Clone to create a copy of the bug.
  • Follow/Unfollow a bug or Add Followers for the bug. Click Follow to track the bug or Unfollow to stop. Click Add Followers to select and add project users to the bug.

 Set Bug Reminder

You need not worry about missing deadlines anymore. Premium and Enterprise users can set reminders for bugs and the user assigned to the bug will receive reminder mails.

When submitting a bug, click Reminder Options to set a reminder. When editing a bug, click Set Reminder to set or delete a reminder.
bug reminder

  • None: No reminder is set for the bug. You can also use this option to delete reminders.
  • Daily: The user assigned to the bug is notified everyday until the due date.
  • On the same day: The user assigned to the bug is notified on the day the bug is due.
  • Days: You can choose any number of days between 1 and 30. If you select 3 days, the user is notified 3 business days before the due date.

You cannot set reminders if:

  • a bug is already past due date
  • no due date is set
  • reminder date is earlier than the current date
  • reminder date is same as the current date
  • current date and due date are the same
  • no user is assigned to a bug
  • a bug is moved to another project


  • In the Kanban view, click the Submit Bug icon and add an assignee to view the bug reminder options.

 Remote assist for bugs

In the Kanban or List view, click to open the selected bug. The Remote Assist option is available only if the bug is assigned to you. When you click this option, it invites the bug reporter to share their screen with the assignee so that the assignee can assist better in resolving the issue.


 Delete a Bug

In the Kanban or List view, click to open the selected bug, and in the Edit Bug screen, click the Trash icon at the top right to delete the bug. 

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