What is Remote Support?

Remote Support is a software used by IT technicians to access and control their customers' devices from a remote location, almost like they're operating it sitting in front of the device.   

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How has remote support software transformed troubleshooting and maintenance of computers?

The advent of remote support software has enabled computer users to get help from experts around the world. Now, customers don't have to wait for a technician to arrive at their home or office to check their faulty machine.

In most cases, the issue is software-related rather than a hardware malfunction, so there's no need for in-person assistance. With remote support software, an IT technician can examine the customer's machine through virtual access established through a cloud gateway. If the technician fails to fix the problem in the first session, then the issue can be categorized as a hardware malfunction, only then requiring a physical inspection of the computer. Remote Support has broken new ground when it comes to faster issue resolution.

Remote support sessions can either be an on-demand support session or unattended access session depending on the presence of a person at the remote end.

On-demand Remote Support

On-demand remote support for IT is the assistance technicians offer to remote customers when someone is present at the customer's end to attend the session. Technicians can either initiate a session instantly or schedule a time that's more convenient.

Unattended Remote Access

Unattended remote access is access to a remote computer without an a person at the remote end. With unattended access, issue resolution, patch, software updates, and a whole lot of other activities can be achieved in a customer's idle time without asking them to take time out of their workday for the session.

Benefits of Using Remote Access


Reduced Costs

Empowering MSPs and IT technicians with remote access to computers in an organization would alleviate overhead costs of on-site visits.


Increased Productivity

IT issues can decrease productivity, as they distract computer users from their core job. With remote support software you can resolve issues faster and increase productivity.


Access to Experts

Handling certain issues on a computer might demand technicians with specialized expertise. With remote support software you can have technicians from anywhere in the world working on your computer.


Round-the-Clock Maintainence

With a remote support software, you can configure a computer for unattended remote access. Configured computers can be accessed by MSPs at any time for installing updates or troubleshooting.

Choosing the right Remote Support Software for your organization



A clean and intuitive user-interface that helps technicians to get started in less time is the key indicator of a simple and easy-to-use remote support software.



If you find a remote support software that is a blend of quality and affordable pricing, give it a try.


Multi-platform Support

You don't want to worry about your remote support software being incompatible with your customer's device, so software that works across platforms should be major priority for your selection.


What functionalities should I look for in remote support software?

Remote support software is expected to have certain functionalities to help users during a live session to enhance the overall support experience. Here are a few functionalities you should have on your checklist.


File Transfer

Transferring files helps you send installation files to your customer's computer or receive files that require troubleshooting during a remote support session. Learn more.


Chat Window

A built-in chat window helps technicians stay in touch with the customer throughout a remote support session from their respective consoles.


Concurrent Sessions

An ideal remote support software supports concurrent sessions, as initiating multiple support sessions from a single account increases productivity.


Multiple Technicians

To resolve an issue, you may need technicians with different skill sets. Remote support software that allows you to have multiple technicians work on the same session is an obvious choice.


Customization and Rebranding

It's a great advantage to use a remote support software which you can customize to have your company's logo, name, portal, and domain. Learn more.



Security and privacy are big concerns when it comes to remote support software. Multi-factor authentication, encryption, and data anonymization, among other security standards, should be major priorities. Learn more.

How about starting off with Zoho Assist as your first remote support software?

Zoho Assist has been the go-to remote support software for support technicians for years. With a clutter-free and intuitive user interface, even a novice with very little information about the intricacies of the software's workflow can start a session in minutes.