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Cloud data protection with Zoho Workplace

Your company deserves a safe and comfortable workplace environment, one where you’re assured that your data is well-protected and secure, no matter what. That’s why Zoho Workplace prioritizes your privacy and security above all and here's how.

  • Zoho Mail

    At Zoho Mail, we scan incoming emails for phishing and spoofing attempts, sorting them into the inbox or spam folder. Our use of S/MIME encryption guarantees top-notch security for internal email communication. With encrypted message content, digital signatures, and encryption services, S/MIME prevents email attacks, data leaks, phishing, and email spoofing. Learn more.

    Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Meeting

    We prioritize your privacy, which is why we give you control over your audio and video settings before or during a meeting. Additionally, we always ask for your permission before granting remote access to any participant during screen sharing. If an uninvited person gains access to your meeting, we provide an easy option to remove them and lock the meeting to prevent further intrusion. Learn more.

    Zoho Meeting
  • Zoho WorkDrive

    Zoho's servers operate on a distributed grid architecture, providing a safe backup of your files in case of server damage. Your files are readily available without any delay. You can set expiration dates for your shared documents, and you can also assign roles like collaborator or moderator to individuals who contribute to your work. This way you can keep your files safe from unknown external access. Learn more.

    Zoho WorkDrive
  • Zoho Cliq

    Cliq uses encryption to secure your data in transit and at rest, so your information is never compromised. Our Secret Chat feature allows you to turn off the chat history while sharing sensitive information, so your messages disappear when you close the chat window. Learn more.

    Zoho Cliq

Enterprise grade security assurance


Data center security

At Zoho Workplace, we take data center security seriously. Our data centers are built to hold large volumes of data with advanced hardware systems, which ensures efficient storage and retrieval of data, and backup storage in case of any system failure.

Privacy policy

We have a strict privacy policy in place to safeguard our users’ personal information. We ensure that we never put our users at risk by selling or disclosing their information to unauthorized third parties, and we never will.


At Zoho Workplace, we ensure encryption of our users’ data. Encryption is a security measure used primarily to secure the contents of a message by converting it into an unreadable format until it’s deciphered by the intended recipient.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (TFA) helps protect the user's Zoho account from bypassing strangers because it requires verification through a secondary device that only the user owns. At Zoho we use One Auth to ensure TFA.

Data compliance

Data compliance is important for businesses that handle sensitive personal information. At Zoho Workplace, we’re compliant with GDPR ,which means that we ensure the protection and proper processing of personal data of EU citizens according to GDPR regulations. Additionally, we adhere to HIPAA compliance standards in the United States. Read more about compliance at Zoho.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need secure email?

    With businesses permanently switching to a hybrid work model, communication platforms such as email have become even more essential. This creates the need for a secure email service to protect personal and crucial information shared via email. Zoho Mail's encryption helps keep your emails safe by protecting confidential information and preventing data theft because it ensures that only you and the intended recipient can read the emails.

  • What is cloud data protection?

    Cloud data protection refers to a set of security measures and protocols designed to secure data stored in the cloud. With the growing popularity of cloud computing, the need for effective cloud data protection has become increasingly critical. To mitigate these risks and protect sensitive information, we’ve adopted cloud data protection practices.

Keep your data safe with Zoho Workplace.

Keep your data safe with Zoho Workplace.