Encrypted email

Encrypted emails are unreadable by anyone other than the intended recipients. The risk of unauthorized interception is greatly minimized by encrypting your data in storage and in transit.



Encryption at Rest

Emails are stored on Zoho Mail servers in encrypted format. Your data is split into fragments and each fragment is then further encrypted before being stored on our disks. The keys that are used for encryption are managed with the utmost safety and reliability.

Encryption in transit

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection encrypts email traffic between your device and the server. Zoho Mail uses SSL connection for all communications from POP/IMAP/SMTP clients to our servers so that your data cannot be read or tampered with during transit.


S/MIME provides top-notch security for your organization's email communications by encrypting the message itself. The keys used to encrypt the messages are securely stored on our servers. Digital signature and the encryption services in S/MIME, protect your emails against data leaks, phishing, email spoofing, and other email attacks.

Encryption Level Indicator

You are always kept in the loop about the security level of the emails you send and receive. All emails between Zoho Mail servers are encrypted in transit using TLS and are marked accordingly. Whereas if the other provider involved does not support TLS, the email is marked as Plain to keep you informed.


Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) lets users digitally sign, send, and receive highly encrypted emails using a combination of public and private keys. PGP ensures robust security for emails in transit. All keys generated in Zoho Mail are encrypted and stored in the Zoho Database using the AES algorithm.

Get top-notch security for your emails