Workplace on Mobile 

Wherever you are is as good as your workplace. Download mobile apps that help you manage your business communications even when you are away from your desk.

Office Suite


Turn your ideas into work as and when inspiration strikes. Create new documents, review existing ones, and share on the go.


Carry your spreadsheets on your mobile, and work on quick calculations, turn images into records, or get insights from Zia.


Create impressive slides even as you are travelling. Access presentations shared with you, and work together with your colleagues.

Collaboration and Storage


For modern teams, geography is no barrier. Create team folders and add members to start collaborating on your files instantly.


Hold online meetings, conferences, and live demos using your phone. Record meetings and share it with anyone you want.



No matter where you are, manage your Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Files all in one powerful app. 

Mail Admin

With the administrator role, comes great responsibilities. Download the mobile app and manage accounts without being tied to your computer.


Turn emails into productive conversations by tagging your teammates and sharing comments.


Card Scanner

Go truly digital by doing away with physical business cards. Scan a card and add to Contacts instantly.


Always stay informed of the latest of what's going on in your team with instant chat messages, audio and video calls.


Get yourself updated of workplace news and interactions by carrying your business social network in your pocket.