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Continue your conversations on your phone.Introducing Streams for Zoho Mail mobile app.The Streams App

Mobile Streams app
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Group streams

Group collaborations

Minimize inbox clutter by simply commenting and '@' mentioning people or groups to the relevant email conversation. Share drafts with colleagues to get their feedback before hitting send. Get more done, and with fewer emails too.

Social media style collaboration

Social media style collaboration

Change the way you communicate at work! Create, comment and like posts/emails with your colleagues who help get your work done, all in one app. Get inspired and brainstorm creative ideas by means of socializing.

Save links to streams


Managing bookmarks has never been easier! Directly bookmark websites from your browser to Streams using the powerful Bookmark extension.

Sharing Tasks on Streams

Task, Events, Notes

Streams lets you efficiently share Notes, assign Tasks, and schedule Events.Collaborate around these activities coherently through the mobile app.