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  • Unlock your team's potential with WorkDrive's AI enhancements

Unlock your team's potential with WorkDrive's AI enhancements

  • Last Updated : January 25, 2024
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AI enhancements in Zoho WorkDrive

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and large language models, it's now possible to create unique content tailored to deliver the specific context the user needs almost instantly. With Zoho WorkDrive's native AI, Zia, you can maximize your team's creative power and enhance collaboration on a wide range of tasks and projects. 

Introducing AI integrations powered by OpenAI in Zoho WorkDrive, where you can generate content, create cover images, get grammar suggestions for comments, and a lot more. In this blog, we'll look at the AI-based features in WorkDrive and what to expect next.

Unleash your creativity and generate content

Try the all-new Zia AI—powered by OpenAI—to elevate your content creation journey. Simply bring in your OpenAI API keys and use Zia to generate both text and images effortlessly from right within Zoho WorkDrive. Whether it is grammatical refining, content rephrasing, or creating new content, Zia will analyse the prompt's context and produce relevant output. Users can also choose to save and edit the generated content in a Writer document. 

AI-powered comments for better collaboration

Effective communication is a crucial part of professionalism. With Zia, you can rephrase, punctuate, or shorten comments in real time to facilitate collaboration.

Add an artistic touch to your audio and video files

Want to differentiate your videos with distinct images, but finding it hard to get the perfect image? Now you can create custom cover images and give your files a facelift by generating an image from your ideas using Zia.

Upcoming improvements

The updates don't stop here. There are more innovative and exciting AI enhancements to elevate your content collaboration experience. Here's a sneak peek at some of the features in the works. 

Query over files: Harness the power of Zia to find answers to your questions from a document instantly. 

Document and comment translation: Translate content into over 40 languages for comments or entire documents with grammatical accuracy.

Transcripts for audio and video files: Effortlessly convert the content of audio and video files into text documents. Store converted documents directly within WorkDrive.

Endless possibilities

The AI-based enhancements in WorkDrive help create a digital workplace where your team has the power to instantly transform ideas into content with just a few clicks. The possibilities are endless.

The features don't stop here. Learn more about AI integrations in WorkDrive or check out our blog on the other features of WorkDrive 4.0.

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