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  • Increasing productivity in the hospitality business using Zoho WorkDrive

Increasing productivity in the hospitality business using Zoho WorkDrive

  • Last Updated : March 28, 2024
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The hospitality industry is composed of sectors that aim to house, feed, entertain, and transport customers. This is a broad spectrum of services, and there are several establishments out there catering to huge quantities of visitors.

Doing this is a tall order, as there are dedicated industry sectors from small cafés to huge hotels, holiday resorts, theme parks, and much more each having several levels of staff.

So, how does WorkDrive come into play? This article will outline the best ways WordDrive can help your hospitality business.

Understanding the needs of the industry

It is already established that the hospitality industry is huge. It is composed of several sub-industries that are often interconnected with each other. Now the question stands: Does that demand a different suite of solutions for everything involved?

With a unified collaboration platform like WorkDrive you can easily target the common pain points of each industry and improve productivity.

Build bridges

Collaboration is one of the many pillars which the hospitality business stands on. Establishing proper communication within the workforce is a key element in ensuring that staff are getting educated and their voices heard.

When it comes to educating staff, WorkDrive Snap offers a solution right from the web app. Snap enables a fast and simple way to record and store videos, audio recordings, or a screen grab, which you can share with your employees. Similarly, you can annotate or comment on different types of files to guide others to details they may have missed.

With the hospitality industry being a predominantly customer-facing job, how do you keep track of customers and ensure their data   available to everyone in their specific teams?

Features like collect files can be used to obtain important customer data. You can set up access in such a way that only relevant employees can retrieve the data.

Find convenience

The hospitality industry is one of, if not the busiest sectors to be working in. In such situations, speed and efficiency are of the most important.

Everything starts with a fast and specialized search function. WorkDrive’s smart search easily pinpoints the file you’re looking for and in what folder it’s located. Similarly, with a powerful optical-character recognition and objection detection (OCR and OD) implemented into the search, you can as easily search for images and other such creatives as with any other file.

The mobile app also comes into play here. While you might be minding the reception desk or guiding tourists in an external location, the mobile app allows access to files so you can find things without a hassle.

Security at every step

Finally, when it comes to securing important files in your organization, WorkDrive leaves no space for errors. With data encryption at both rest and in transit, rest assured that your data will be safe from any security threat.

WorkDrive provides an easy way to back up and retrieve files so you can easily retain files in your storage whenever necessary.

WorkDrive also has you covered when it comes to managing the members in your team. Using the admin console, you can easily set who can access what team folders while also being able to track user activity so you know whether the correct individuals have access to the right files.


Whether your business is a simple bed and breakfast establishment or a wide network of hotels or amusement parks, Zoho WorkDrive’s deep yet flexible system enables collaboration at every level. Why not try it and discover it for yourself?

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