9 benefits and challenges of coworking spaces

  • Last Updated : December 15, 2023
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While both serve the same purpose of working remote, working from your home and working from a coworking space are two completely different things. Coworking spaces are desks or even full offices rented by people or firms in shared workspaces.

Small businesses, startups, remote workers, and freelancers often prefer working in coworking spaces than working in a traditional office or even working from their home.

With the popularity of coworking spaces continuing to grow around the world, here are the benefits and challenges faced by both employers and employees in private coworking spaces.

9 benefits of coworking spaces

  1. The possibility of meeting and connecting with new people in your field
  2. Opportunity to meet new clients and partners to work with
  3. Shorter commute time for distant workers
  4. Office-like set up can boost efficiency in work
  5. Employees feel less lonely
  6. Reduced operational costs for the freelancers and startups
  7. More scalable and flexible for conducting one-time events or conferences
  8. Opportunity for employers to hire the best talents outside their office location limits
  9. Brings structure to the remote working process


9 challenges of coworking spaces

  1. The noise in coworking spaces can lead to distractions
  2. The lack of privacy can be a bother
  3. Costlier than employees working from home or remote locations
  4. One cannot personalize their own working space
  5. The shortage of technology present in the coworking spaces can affect productivity
  6. Working in a coworking space can be a daunting task if the company doesn’t rely on cloud-based services but rather uses a local server.
  7. Limited spaces in coworking spaces can hinder employee satisfaction and productivity
  8. Employees might not feel safe to work on the coworking facility’s internet connection due to data security measures
  9. Shared access to equipment like a printer or scanner can lead to back-up or data security issues


The Takeaway

To overcome these challenges and enjoy the overwhelming benefits of coworking spaces, companies should:
Be assured that the coworking spaces they rent are safe and provide customized services to suit the company and employees’ need
Invest in reliable cloud-based solutions like WorkDrive to provide their employees secured and fast access to their data
Ensure the coworking spaces provide reliable and private communication networks for the employees to connect

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