Unlimited business calling

Unlimited business calling

Make and receive unlimited calls within 14 countries. Let your business grow while you slash your telephony expenses.

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Contact Centre

Launch your Contact Center in the cloud

Get multi-channel connectivity with voice and two-way SMS. Manage calls using advanced call center features like Call Barging, Power Dialer, and Queue Performance Metrics.

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Two way sms

Increase customer engagement with two-way SMS

Carry out chat-like SMS conversations with local customers from the US and Canada using voice and SMS-enabled local numbers. Send one-way international SMS to 100+ countries.

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Help Desk

A business phone system within your CRM and helpdesk

Seamlessly integrate your Zoho Voice phone system with CRM and helpdesk systems. Streamline your communications and transform the way you engage with your customers.

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As a small business owner for the past 20 years, I’ve used a handful of phone systems. Zoho Voice in my favorite system because I can self-administer things and it makes calling slick. I would recommend it especially if you are using Zoho One or Zoho CRM.

John page

John page


Zoho voice made it easy and seamless for me to set up a remote call center for a global company. With the software, our agents have the option to use their mobile phones or laptop for inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the world. We constantly handled calls from Nigeria and South Africa with ease. The Zoho Voice dashboard gives a lot of insight into our operations at a glance, too. Things like credit usage and call statistics are granularly presented and easily linked to individual agents across each country. There's also the effective and efficient CRM integration. Furthermore, the Zoho Voice team provides excellent customer support with prompt resolution to enquiries and complaints. Zoho Voice is simply amazing!

Judith Azi

Judith Azi

Global Customer Success Manager

Ready to modernize the way you handle business calls?

Watch a product demo and see Zoho Voice in action. Get in touch with us for inquiries.

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Flexible. Reliable. Cost-effective.


Stay mobile

Get your own virtual business phone number. Make and receive calls from wherever you are, on any device.


Easy deployment

Set up your cloud-based phone system in few simple steps. All you need is an active internet connection-no special equipment needed.


Connect with your colleagues

Add all your teams to one account and stay connected using extension calling.


Take your business global

Set up local and toll-free numbers from multiple countries and help your business expand beyond its borders.


High-quality calls
at low prices

Make calls without worrying about your budget. Experience uncompromising quality on your business calls, all while saving a ton—especially if you make a lot of international calls.


Pay as you go

Buy voice credits and pay for your calls only when you make or receive them. Check out our call rates here.

Handle calls on the go

Make and receive local and international business calls using our native mobile apps. Stay connected with your clients even when you’re away from your desk.

Softphone - Make calls on the go - Zoho Voice

Experience better call handling with ZDialer

Place calls with a single click and answer inbound calls from any webpage using our browser extensions. Learn more

Get your cloud-based phone system now, so you can leave your desk behind.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is Zoho Voice?

    Zoho Voice is online telephony software with which you can purchase phone numbers to make and receive local and international business calls. Zoho Voice uses Zoho's own cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system at the backend to facilitate this.

  • What are the system and network requirements for Zoho Voice?

    Zoho Voice runs on all standard web browsers, as well as iOS and Android mobile phones, and requires a minimum internet speed of 5Mbps to seamlessly make and receive calls.

  • Can I try Zoho Voice without purchasing my own number?

    Yes, you can try making outbound calls using our test number and the free credits we provide. Incoming calls cannot be tested using the test number.

  • Can I use Zoho Voice with my personal email address?

    Yes, you can use Zoho Voice with your personal email address. Signup through Gmail is blocked by default to avoid spam calls, so you'll need to send us an email to whitelist your Gmail account. Zoho Voice offers a free Solo plan—you just need to buy credits and get a phone number to make and receive calls. Call charges applicable.

  • Is Zoho Voice included in Zoho One?

    No, Zoho Voice is not included in Zoho One. Zoho Voice subscription is separate. A Zoho One license does not include Voice.

    Now, you might be wondering if you can use Zoho Voice's telephony features in your Zoho One portal. The answer is "Yes!"

    Zoho Voice has an integration with Zoho apps via Zoho Telephony (PhoneBridge). Zoho Telephony is a single point of integration between Zoho apps and cloud PBX services including Zoho Voice and many other third-party services.

    Zoho Telephony is available in the Zoho One Marketplace. You can add Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service in Zoho Telephony, import your Zoho One agents into Zoho Voice, purchase phone numbers, assign them to agents, and configure calls.

    Zoho Telephony integration is available in our Enterprise Telephony edition only.

  • Is Voice available in the EU, IN, or AU?

    Sorry, Zoho Voice is currently only available in the US and EU data center. We're setting up Zoho Voice in our AU data centers. We'll make announcements regarding that in our blog. Users who've already registered for Zoho services in our AU and IN data centers cannot access Zoho Voice using the same email address.

    However, you can use Telephony's built-in phone system and later port your numbers to Zoho Voice when it is available in the EU and AU.