Manage calls from your CRM and help desk systems, and boost your team's productivity


Connect with leads and
build better relationships

Handle calls directly from Zoho CRM and reach out to your prospects quicker than ever. Connect with more prospects and easily convert leads into long-term relationships.


Help support representatives be more productive

Have your customer support and phone calls on one console. Provide timely support over the phone and solidify the trust customers have in you.

Key features of the integration



Auto-detect phone numbers on any webpage in your browser. Just click the call button next to the phone numbers to make calls from your CRM and help desk systems using ZDialer.


Contacts lookup

Get relevant customer information in screen pop-ups, so you can be context-ready and ace customer interactions.


Auto-log call records

Automatically create call detail records for respective leads or customer entries. Link phone numbers and log calls made and received from those numbers specifically.


Easy access to recordings

Download and listen to call recordings instantly from CRM and Desk. Identify problem areas and see how your conversations are impacting your business.


Bulk import agents

Easily import agents from your CRM and Desk accounts, so you can add them as Zoho Voice users without breaking a sweat.


Dial pad widget

Make calls to unsaved numbers using our dial pad widget. Enable the dial pad in all your favorite Zoho apps and make calls fast.


Customize call notifications

Choose if you want to receive calls in all active tabs or just in Zoho app tabs. Mute call notifications using silent mode and disable incoming calls using Do-Not-Disturb.

Set up the integration in few simple steps


Choose your CRM, Desk, Bigin, or ServiceDesk Plus portal from the integration module, so Zoho Voice can fetch your contacts.


Import your sales and support agents and add them as users in Zoho Voice.


Install ZDialer for your Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.


Select the phone numbers that you'll be using, so we can automatically log your calls.


Customize the call settings as you wish, and you're all set to make calls!


Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to install ZDialer?  

ZDialer enables click-to-call functionality, incoming call pop-ups, and the dial pad widget on any webpage in your browser. Install it to make and receive calls directly from CRM and Desk.

Can I use the integration without installing ZDialer? 

Yes, but this will allow you to make and receive calls only from Zoho Voice and not in CRM or Desk. However, contact lookup and auto-logging features will be available even if you don't use ZDialer.

Will the contacts lookup and auto-logging features work if I don't associate
a number with CRM or Desk? 

No, calls will be logged in CRM or Desk only if you associate the phone numbers that you'll use to make and receive calls. Similarly, caller details will be displayed on the dial pad only for calls handled using associated numbers.

How do I import my CRM or Desk agents to Zoho Voice? 

In the Integrations module, select the agents you want to import. An email invitation will be sent to these agents asking them to join Zoho Voice. They will be added as Zoho Voice users once they accept the invitation and join your organization.

Is this integration available on all plans? 

Yes, the ZDialer-based integration is available on all the plans in Business Phone and Enterprise Telephony editions.

Empower your sales and support teams to
take business communication to the next level.