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At Zoho Vault, we believe our online security starts with strong passwords. That's why we've spent the last 10 years building a reliable password manager for everyone that's simple, secure, and privacy-focused.

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  • A message from our beloved CEO

Let’s look back at the evolution of Zoho Vault through the years.

  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
2013 Zoho Vault
2015 Enterprise edition
2017 Passwordless login
2021 All-new UI
2022 Dark web monitoring
2023 Unlock with biometrics and passkeys

A promising beginning as

Zoho Vault

We launched Zoho Vault, a simple password management solution for teams to securely store, share, and manage passwords.

2013 Screen

Introducing the

Enterprise edition

Marking a significant milestone, the platform expanded its advanced capabilities by introducing the Enterprise edition, delivering solutions like active directory integration, password request-release workflow, and more features.

2015 Screen


Passwordless login

As a testament to our commitment to meeting customer needs, we introduced passwordless login for cloud apps via single sign-on.

2017 Screen

A leap forward with

All-new UI

Zoho Vault underwent a comprehensive overhaul, unveiling a sleek and intuitive user interface (UI) to navigate effortlessly and collaborate seamlessly across web, mobile, and browser extensions.

2021 Screen


Dark web monitoring

As part of our continuous commitment to improving security, we introduced breached password alerts to proactively secure user's online accounts.

2022 Screen


Unlock with biometrics and passkeys

Marking a significant milestone, the platform has enhanced its capabilities by introducing a passwordless vault login feature, seamlessly integrated with widely used authenticators, providing unmatched security and convenience.

2023 Screen

Chat with the key people who were behind the screens.

Ramanathan Kannabiran

Product Manager

I take great pride in being a member of the Zoho Vault team, alongside a talented group of individuals dedicated to crafting a top-tier team password manager. It brings me immense joy to witness the significant adoption of Vault among various organizations over the years. Presently, we are honored to serve approximately tens of thousands of users who have placed their trust in us to safeguard their passwords within Zoho Vault.

Lingeswaran Nanjundan

Head of Engineering

I'm incredibly proud to have witnessed the remarkable journey of Zoho Vault, from its early days to its current state. What started as a simple password management tool for teams has now evolved into a comprehensive platform, equipped with advanced security features to meet the diverse needs of both individual users and enterprises alike. The collaborative efforts and forward-thinking approach of our team have played a pivotal role in shaping Zoho Vault into the outstanding solution it stands as today.

Deepak Sharma

Engineering Manager

I’m incredibly proud of how Zoho Vault has evolved over the years. From its initial concept to its transformation into a robust password management solution, it has grown exponentially in terms of functionality, usability, and versatility. The continuous feedback from our users has been instrumental in shaping the product's development roadmap. Our team's relentless dedication to innovation and staying ahead of market trends has made Zoho Vault a leading player in the industry.

Christopher Clement Soris

Head of Customer Support

I'm proud of the way Zoho Vault has attracted a growing customer base. Our commitment is to provide an exceptional onboarding experience and support, going above and beyond to ensure that each customer's journey with Zoho Vault is extraordinary. Witnessing the success stories of our customers is truly motivating. The progress we've made is remarkable, and I'm sincerely grateful for our exceptional customers who have stood by us throughout. Together, we’re shaping the future of password management solutions!

Saravanan Govindaraj

Head of Mobile Apps

Being a part of the Zoho Vault team has been a highly rewarding experience. Our mobile team is excited to contribute to Zoho Vault's success by developing native apps for various platforms and innovative foldable devices. We're dedicated to unleashing the complete potential of the mobile platform to improve the product even further.

Abinaya Govindarajan

Product Management

I am honored to have witnessed Zoho Vault’s evolution from inception to maturity. Ensuring customer satisfaction and security remain our top priorities as we strive to deliver the most user-centric password manager available today. It has been a journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and countless learning opportunities, collaborating with immensely talented individuals, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise. Excited for the future, Zoho Vault will continue to stand as a trusted guardian of digital security for years to come.

Suparno Sarkar

Lead Engineer, Browser Extensions

Looking back on my experience with Zoho Vault has been truly remarkable! Working alongside a talented team, we've seen Zoho Vault undergo incredible growth and development. From its early days to now, it's truly impressive how far we’ve come. Our goal is to offer a robust and secure password management solution that meets the changing demands of our customers.


Senior Product Marketer

Working within the Zoho Vault team has been an incredibly enriching experience. It has been wonderful to work with such a talented group of professionals who are always open to feedback and ideas, both from within the team and from external stakeholders. The team's strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement has been a driving force behind the product's success. I have always been in awe with the level of collaboration and teamwork that is fostered within the team, creating a culture of openness, transparency, and mutual respect. I'm proud to be a part of this culture and to have contributed to the ongoing success of Zoho Vault.

A decade of satisfied users

From businesses to individuals, our users are the backbone of our success story. Hear as they tell us, in their own words, how Zoho Vault played a pivotal role in their successes!

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Our decade long journey

After all of those years of consistent progress, groundbreaking advancements, and a focus on meeting customer needs, Zoho Vault has evolved into a reliable password management solution, earning the confidence of our customers' trust and becoming an essential component of organizations globally.

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