Your security is our priority.

Our zero-knowledge design, military-grade encryption ensure rock solid security and data privacy.


Strongest encryption, rock-solid security

All your passwords and other sensitive data are encrypted with the strongest known encryption standard AES-256, approved by the US Government. The passphrase that you enter for logging in to Zoho Vault is used as the encryption key and it is NOT stored anywhere. It purely lingers in your memory and no one else can decrypt or view your secrets, ever!

Protect online credentials with best practices

The best passwords are dynamic and hard to remember. Password reuse across sites and applications is a potential security threat as password expose in any of your sites increases the probability of hackers gaining access to your other online accounts too. Assigning strong, unique passwords to every online account is imperative to protect the online accounts. Using Zoho Vault, you can generate strong, unique passwords for your accounts without the problem of remembering them.

Track activities through audit trails

All sensitive actions done by the users with respect to secret deletion, edits and changes are audited. Details like 'who' carried out the operation, 'what' was the operation and 'when' it was done are captured as audit trails, which are tamper-proof and remain forever.

Gain visibility on 'who' has access to 'what' passwords

Intuitive reports from Zoho Vault tell you 'who' has access to 'what' secrets and who all have got access to a specific secret. You can either view the list of all users and their corresponding access details or select a specific user and generate a report. Similarly, to find who are all accessing a secret, you can either view the list of all secrets and the corresponding access details or select a specific secret.

Get instant notifications on password events

Receive notifications when someone accesses shared passwords or goes about resetting them or modifies/ deletes entries. You have options to configure notifications for specific password events.

Ensure periodic password changes through expiry alerts

Set expiry dates for your passwords and alert users to change their passwords upon expiry.

Centrally control usage of features by your users

You can allow/restrict certain features organization wide and selectively exempt users as needed. Storing personal passwords, exporting secrets, granting offline and mobile app access can be controlled this way. Super-admins and administrators will have the privilege to enforce and modify this restriction anytime. All the restrictions imposed and exemptions granted are audited.

Periodic data backup for disaster recovery

Periodically backup your passwords for disaster recovery and emergency access.

Protection against shoulder surfing

In information security, the human angle also assumes significance and anti-shoulder surfing measure is an absolute necessity. Zoho Vault displays the passwords in masked form in the interface. When the user retrieves the password, it is shown in plain text only for 10 seconds, after which it is masked again

Automatic logout

You can configure Zoho Vault to automatically log its users out of the session after a set period of inactivity, to avoid unauthorized access to secrets.