Your security is our priority

Our zero-knowledge design and AES-256 encryption ensure rock-solid security and data privacy.


Strongest encryption standards

All your passwords and other sensitive data are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard, AES-256. The master password you use to sign in to your Zoho Vault account is used as the encryption key and is not stored anywhere on our servers, meaning no one else can decrypt or view your passwords.

Protect online credentials with strong passwords

The best passwords are complex and impossible to guess. Password reuse across multiple sites and applications is a potential security threat as one password exposure in any of your accounts increases the probability of hackers gaining access to your other online accounts. Using strong, unique passwords with each login is essential in keeping your data safe. Zoho Vault helps you by generating and remembering unique, strong passwords for each of your accounts.

Track all activities through audit trails

All actions related to password deletion, modification, and other sensitive changes are audited in real-time. All important details, such as who carried out which operation when, are captured in audit trails. These audits are tamper-proof and can be accessed any time by the admins.

Extensive visual reports to monitor user access

Zoho Vault gives account admins extensive reports on passwords owned and accessed by users. You can either view the list of all users and their corresponding access details, or select a specific user and generate a detailed access report. Similarly, you can view a list of users with access to a particular password or view access details of all passwords.

Get instant notifications on password events

Receive immediate notifications when someone accesses shared passwords or goes about resetting, modifying, or deleting entries. You have the option to configure notifications for multiple such password events to stay informed around the clock.

Control the features your users can access

You can allow or restrict certain features across your organization or even selectively exempt users from certain sensitive features, such as storing personal passwords, exporting passwords, and offline access. Super-admins and admins will have the privilege to enforce or modify this restriction any time. Vault extensively audits all restrictions and exemptions to make it easy for you to oversee your organization's password use.

Periodic data backup for disaster recovery

Vault makes it easy to periodically backup your passwords for disaster recovery and emergency access, so you'll never worry about losing account access or sensitive data.

  • Protection against shoulder surfing

    In information security, Zoho Vault also addresses the human angle by masking your passwords in our interface. Whenever a user retrieves a password, it will be displayed in plain text for 10 seconds, after which it will be masked again. Every time a user views a password, Vault logs the action in the audit trail.

  • Automatic logout

    To avoid unauthorized access to passwords, you can configure Zoho Vault to automatically terminate user sessions after a set period of inactivity. These timeouts can be set individually across our web interface, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

Protect your passwords with the highest security by switching to Zoho Vault