How MOps teams can improve their collaboration using a shared inbox

How MOps teams can improve their collaboration using a shared inbox

If the acronym "OOPS" wasn’t already used way back in the 1950s to define an object-oriented programming system, it would probably be popular today as a way to define organizational operations or operations within the organization.

DevOps, SalesOps, MOps (marketing operations), RevOps (revenue operations) and all other team-specific operations can be called organizational operations, or Ops, collectively. Ops or operations is defined as the people, processes, and technology that happen behind the scenes within the respective function.

For instance, the popular buzzword DevOps (development operations) is a methodology to improve products at a faster pace. 

The birth of DevOps   

The DevOps practice emerged when developers and coders encountered challenges but had difficulty collaborating with the engineering teams, QA teams, system administrators, and IT technicians. There was a need to unite these essential, although inherently distinct, software project team components. The methodology created a streamlined, frictionless alliance and removed silos, permitting the various teams to work more efficiently, produce higher-quality products, and achieve business goals at a faster pace.

This infinite loop defines the DevOps process and tool chain.