Employee Opinions Survey


Employee Opinions Survey

Your employees' attitudes toward their job and company impacts your business and brand loyalty. Make sure you hear their voices.

  • Change is constant

    Change can be stressful. Business strategies, organizational shifts, remuneration systems, and new hires are just a few of the changes organizations tend to undergo. Stay on top of employee opinion with Zoho Surveys to better understand your employees' thoughts and opinions.

  • How can Zoho help?

    Zoho Survey is a premier online survey tool that allows you to ask as many questions as you like, for free. We have survey templates ranging from product development to brand awareness and more! Our advanced features can help you create a great survey experience. All you have to do is register with Zoho Surveys.

  • Attitude determines altitude

    Value your employees' mindsets. Positive attitudes are infectious. Learn what is causing negativity in your organization so you can nip it in the bud.

  • Creating an employee opinion survey

    Employees are individuals first, part of an organization second. When employees feel that the value they bring in to the organization is not being acknowledged and respected, they can feel alienated from the organization. Take responsibility for your employees. Individual opinions are cemented in one's own observations and experiences over time. Run a survey with Zoho Surveys to find out whether your employees are truly happy with the work culture and hierarchy. We have prebuilt templates to help you with the right questions and design.

  • Why they leave

    Many organizations take little effort to understand what causes an employee to leave the company, or what could have been done to make them stay. Talk to them and discover their concerns to help you understand where you stand, and how you can improve your employee satisfaction levels. To maintain employee retention rates, it is important that organizations conduct surveys periodically to understand their employees' problems. Even employees who move on can be assets if you treat them well.