Team and Employee Performance Evaluation


Team and Employee Performance Evaluation

Successful organizations depend on great employees. Develop an evaluation system to encourage teams and employees to perform. Zoho Survey's tools put your ideas into practice and make the process easier along the way.

  • Employee performance evaluation

    When it comes to evaluating the performance of your individual employees, first give them a better understanding of their accomplishments and failures. Use a periodic evaluation and document it in a clear and consistent manner. Within the periodic reports supervisors should highlight their comments on the employees performance and the feedback given to the employees. 


    Consistent reports help supervisors design a fair compensation structure for their team. Skills development for employees can be improved, too. A key element of the employee evaluation structure is to see how an employee's performance and skill development is aligned with an organization's goals. A great system takes the organization's long term goals and sees how an employee's skills fit into the structure. Over time, your organization can expect a large boost in productivity, skill retention, and satisfaction among employees.


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  • Team performance evaluation

    A team needs cohesion and trust between its members. Their personal goals should match the team's goals. Every member of the team must be accountable to the others. In effect, an ideal team consists of members that bring the best out of each other and the team. Team evaluations can help push your teams over the edge and get every member in sync with each other.


    Evaluating teams can be hard. A manager might look at the overall performance of the team, match it with individual performances, and write the evaluations. However, this approach can ruin your team-building exercise. For example, a high-performing individual may work poorly in a group and be the reason for a drop in overall team performance 


    To avoid this complication, we suggest you use 360 degree employee feedback. It provides each employee with feedback from peers and superiors, comparing it with the evaluation the employee gives herself. It gives you, the supervisor, a better picture of your employees' effect on their respective teams.


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