Relationship Management Survey

Building and maintaining healthy relationships between employees and employers is vital for a thriving work environment. The Relationship Management Survey Template by Zoho Survey is your key to understanding the dynamics within your organization and fostering stronger, more productive connections.

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Why relationship management surveys matter

Healthy relationships in the workplace are the cornerstone of a productive and harmonious work environment. Here’s how relationship management surveys benefit you.

Relationship Management Survey



How do you perceive the morale in the company?

Employee satisfaction

Gauge how satisfied employees are with their work relationships, including those with managers, peers, and leadership. It helps measure the overall emotional well-being of your workforce and their level of contentment in their professional interactions.

Explore relationship dynamics

Manager-employee relationships: Dive into the dynamics between your employees and their immediate supervisors. Are expectations clear, feedback constructive, and goals aligned?

Peer relationships: Assess how well colleagues collaborate, communicate, and support each other. Do employees feel like part of a team?

Identify issues

Uncover and address underlying issues that may be affecting workplace relationships and overall productivity. This survey acts as a diagnostic tool, allowing you to pinpoint specific challenges or obstacles that employees may be facing.

Boost retention

Understanding employee concerns can help reduce turnover and increase employee retention rates. Utilize the insights derived from relationship management surveys to implement targeted strategies that directly impact employee retention, ultimately leading to a more stable and engaged workforce.

Enhance team collaboration

Assess the level of collaboration and teamwork within different departments or teams. Focus on understanding how well employees work together and whether there are any obstacles hindering collaboration.

For example, the survey might reveal that cross-functional teams consistently struggle to meet project deadlines. By examining the feedback, you can identify specific challenges and take steps to improve inter-departmental coordination.

Improve communication

Evaluate the effectiveness of communication channels between employees and management. Learn whether the flow of information within the organization is smooth, transparent, and conducive to productive working relationships.

For example, you may find that employees feel crucial decisions are often made without their input. This feedback highlights the need for more inclusive communication practices.