Question Types

It's not just what you ask, it's how you ask it. Multiple-choice or other closed-ended questions make analyzing responses easy and accurate, while open-ended types like essay questions can offer more information. For most topics, it's important to have a mix of both. Fortunately, Zoho Survey has a wide variety of question types for you to choose from!

Multiple Choice (Radio button)

Ask a question with multiple possible answers, inviting the respondent to select one of the options with radio buttons.

Multiple Choice (Checkbox)

Ask a question with multiple possible answers, inviting the respondent to select one or more of the options with checkboxes.


Ask respondents to make their choices from a dropdown menu.

Image Type

Provide images as answer choices and have your respondents pick from them.

Rating Scale

Ask respondents for a rating on a scale of 0 to 10—or any other range of your choice.

Star Rating

Request a satisfaction rating from the maximum range of between 3 and 10 stars.


Measure a customer's willingness to recommend a product or a service to others, on a fixed scale (0 - 10), with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question.

Slider Scale

This question type provides a slider with a range of 0 to 100 for the respondents to choose from.


Give respondents a list of options that they can rank in their order of preference.

Matrix Choice (Radio button)

Provide survey respondents with options to rate multiple factors of a subject or object on the same scale. Enable a single selection for each factor with radio buttons.

Matrix Choice (Checkbox)

Provide survey respondents with options to rate multiple factors of a subject or object on the same scale. Enable single or multiple selections for each factor with checkboxes.

Matrix Rating Scale

Combine multiple questions that can be rated on the same scale to make a survey short and crisp.

Matrix Star Rating

Combine multiple star rating questions that are measured on the same scale.

Matrix Dropdown

Combine multiple dropdown questions.

Single Line

Use this when a sentence or two is all you're looking for in a response.

Multiple Lines

This question type offers more space for text when you want to invite a brief description or opinion from your respondent.


This limits single-line answers to numeric values. Any other characters will be treated as invalid.


Only responses formatted as email addresses will be accepted.

Full Name

This automatically creates two fields for the respondent's first and last names.

Contact Information

Contact Information type of questions are a series that help identify information about respondents, such as name, age, and geographic location.


If you need an answer in a date format—for example, when asking for a date of birth—this is the question type to use.


Use this to get a digital signature from your respondents.

File Upload

This question type allows respondents to upload or attach a file to the survey.

Text Field (Heading/Description)

Add a heading or a description that defines the purpose of the survey or clarifies the information you're looking for in a question.