• What Zoho services can Zoho SalesIQ integrate with?

    Built by the leading provider of cloud-based software for businesses, Zoho SalesIQ is the perfect addition to Zoho's comprehensive suite of online business, productivity and collaboration applications. You can also pair-up leading software with SalesIQ in a swift. Learn more

  • What is a ZSC key?

    The ZSC or Zoho Service Communication key is used by one Zoho app to communicate to other Zoho apps to relay and receive information.

  • Can I import my data to Zoho Desk?

    Yes, you can create a connection and import data to Zoho Desk. Please check this link for more information

  • Where can I check fields integration of Zoho SalesIQ and CRM?

    You can learn all about the Zoho SalesIQ - Zoho CRM integration here.

  • How to create a lead in Zoho CRM?

    You can quickly add any customer as a new lead, from the same window you are chatting with them from.

    • After you click the “Push to CRM” button, you will see the add Lead/Contact box.
    • This will default to bringing up the information for adding a new Lead, but you can click either Lead or Contact, to switch between the two add boxes.
    • When adding a new lead from Zoho SalesIQ manually, it is mandatory that you enter the visitor’s company name. Here you can also add phone number, lead status and assign an owner.

    Learn More

  • How to insert/update data with deluge functions in Zoho CRM?

    There are separate tasks in Deluge to insert and update visitor data to Zoho CRM. You can check the links below to know more about the same.
    To create a record in Zoho CRM - Create records

    To update an existing record in Zoho CRM - Update records

  • How to generate a CRM ZSC key?

    To create a CRM ZSC key, it is necessary to have a CRM account first and then integrate with SalesIQ.

    If you are an administrator and have already created a CRM account, it will automatically update the email address and ZSC key. If not, you can then fill in the details.

    If you are not an administrator, you can then contact your Zoho CRM administrator to get the details to complete the integration setup. 

  • Once I regenerate my key, should I copy or update it in other platforms like CRM etc?

    If you regenerate the ZSC key inside SalesIQ's integration page with Zoho CRM, it will automatically update on the other side unless there's a total breakdown of both the app's integration in your account. 

  • Why are the visitors being tracked in SalesIQ but their visits not logged in Zoho CRM?

    Visitors who have not updated their email address are not tracked in Zoho CRM. Once the visitor has given his email address, the visitor's visits will then be logged in CRM's visits tab.

  • Is Zoho SalesIQ free with Zoho CRM?

    No, SalesIQ is a different application and it needs to purchased separately.. It is not included in CRM. Please refer the CRM integration video.

  • Is integration with Google Analytics possible?

    Yes, you can integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Google Analytics and track almost all the prime Zoho SalesIQ related actions and events right away from your Google Analytics dashboard. You can also track how your live chat operations contribute to your goals. Learn more.

  • How to integrate SalesIQ with Shopify?

    To integrate SalesIQ with Shopify, embed the SalesIQ script under the admin settings in your Shopify dashboard.

    You can install it via the admin page by following the steps given under this page

  • Can I display forms to my visitors?

    Yes, you can integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Forms and ease out the process of identification of visitors hitting your site. Not just this, you will also gain the following benefits over this integration:

    1. Once the procured form data is passed on to Zoho SalesIQ you visitors will never have to fill out their personal details ever again.

    2. Procured form data will be saved in the cookies of your visitor’s browser. Thus, every time a visitor tries to initiate a chat via your widget, SalesIQ will set the form data in the fields that you map during integration.

    3. Visitors who fill out your forms will be identified as they hit your site by the data passed on from Zoho Forms to SalesIQ.   Learn More.

  • Will SalesIQ's previous information be available after it is integrated with other Zoho products?

    No, the SalesIQ data before the integration will not be pushed to the integrated product. Only the data that comes in after the integration is pushed to other integrated products.

  • Does Zoho SalesIQ offer integrations with external campaign platforms?

    Yes, Zoho SalesIQ can be integrated with most of the campaign platforms. To make it more simple, we have identified some of the most popular campaign platforms with the merge tags used, all you need to do is to copy and paste the IQ links after the call back links. Click here to see some of our integrations

  • Can I integrate Zoho SalesIQ to my Facebook account?

    Yes, you can add Zoho SalesIQ Live Chat to your Facebook pages and connect with a prospect and close more deals. Learn more.