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Update Record in Zoho CRM


This task updates the values of a particular record using its ID in the specified module of Zoho CRM.


<variable> = zoho.crm.updateRecord(<module_name>, <record_ID>, <record_value>, <options_map>, <connection>);


Params Data typeDescription



specifies the response returned by Zoho CRM. It represents the record's creation and modification details against the API names of the respective fields.



specifies the API name of the Zoho CRM module where the records will be updated



specifies the ID of the record that will be updated.

Learn how to fetch the ID of a record after creating , searching or fetching it.



specifies the input map with key as each field's API name and its updated value.

For ex: {"Last_name":"Zoho CRM"}

Note: Refer this page for field names in each module.




Represents other options data(like trigger).

This param can be used to selectively allow the execution of scripts(if any) when the record is updated.

Applicable key is trigger, and applicable values are workflowapproval, blueprint, and orchestration

When this param is specified, the mentioned values will get executed. When this param is not specified, only approvals, blueprints, and orchestration will get executed by default. To restrict all the scripts from getting executed, specify empty list as value to the "trigger" key.




specifies the name of the connection

Note: The field <connection> is not employed in Zoho Creator.


The following script updates the record with ID - 23033XXXXXXXXXXXXXX of the Zoho CRM module - Leads.

leadinfo = 

response = zoho.crm.updateRecord("Leads",23033XXXXXXXXXXXXXX,leadinfo);


is the KEY-VALUE input, where the keys are the API names of Zoho CRM fields.
is the KEY-VALUE response returned by Zoho CRM. It represents the creation and modification details of the updated record.
is the TEXT that represents the API name of the Zoho CRM module where the record needs to be updated.
is the NUMBER that represents the ID of the record that needs to be updated.

Response Format

The following is a sample response when a lead is updated in Zoho CRM.


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