Integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Campaigns

Integrate SalesIQ with the campaign and identify the visitors, when they land on your website. Prioritize your visitors using the Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Term, Campaign Content and Campaign Name. Get live chats directly from your email campaign.

Can SalesIQ get integrated with any of the campaign platform?

Yes, SalesIQ can be integrated with most of the campaign platforms. To make it more simple, we have identified some of the most popular campaign platforms with the merge tags used, all you need to do is to copy and paste the IQ links after the call back links. Visit below to see some of our integrations

My campaign is not listed how do I integrate with SalesIQ?

No worries, All you have to do is to include the below mentioned SalesIQ parameter after the backlinks (which directs the customer to your website) in the campaign emails. This ensures the SalesIQ to identify the name and email address of the visitors coming through your campaign blast.

Params to be included in the backlinks



siq_email : To set email address of the contact.

siq_name : To set name of the contact.
Example<Name>& siq_email=<Email>


The variables in siq_name and siq_email can be replaced using the merge tags of your campaign platform.

In case if the URL contains the question mark (?) at its suffix then include the backlink preceded by an ampersand (&) symbol.

Example: /index.php?module=Products&siq_name=<Name>&siq_email=<Email>

If not, then include the backlink preceded by the question mark (?) as shown below.


Also, ensure that you have embedded the SalesIQ code into your website source file to start tracking. Click here to know more about embedding the SalesIQ code.

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