For efficient candidate management

When it comes to hiring, recruiters have to keep into consideration more than just skill sets or credentials of candidates. They have to analyse as to how the potential hire will fit in with a company's culture and their co-workers, and how well are they going to perform the job they're hired for.

Know where your candidates come from.

The tide is turning in the recruitment industry as the market is becoming more candidate-centric. Applicants can apply for a job from just about anywhere and this has created a need for recruiters to track the source of their applications. Now, automatically track and determine which sources work best -- saving you time, money and effort.

Constant follow up with candidates

Follow-up is essential for creating great candidate experiences. Having an efficient applicant tracking system helps you view upcoming interviews, scheduled calls, new job postings, other notes all from one location and automate them. So that you can plan your day better, and focus on getting what your company needs the most -- Great candidates and good revenue.

Track your candidate status.

Get a universal view of all candidates with just one glance, and know where every candidate is at every step in the process. Enable pre-determined rules and trigger actions upon updating field values. This will keep candidates in the loop and also help you get insights about your hiring patters and the areas that you need to focus on.