Why do you need recruiting CRM software?

For a recruiter, it's essential to build effective relationships with both clients and candidates to keep a business running seamlessly. Cloud CRM for recruiters enables hiring managers to:

  • Reduce time-to-hire by eliminating manual data entry and building proactive hiring pipelines that allow you to engage with candidates.
  • Build better candidate relationships, get a holistic view of your jobs, and keep candidates in the know.
  • Increase productivity with collaborative hiring. Get quick responses from colleagues using @mentions, add comments, and hire faster than ever.
  • Easily add and view candidate data on-the-go with Zoho Recruit's mobile recruiting.

Candidate sourcing 

Quality candidates become the cornerstone for any company, the greatest and most elusive asset. It only makes sense that finding and engaging them should be the top priority of a recruiter.

Benefits of Recruiting CRM System Faster Candidate Sourcing with Recruitment CRM Vendor Portal- Recruiting CRM tool Apply with LinkedIn Candidate Employee Referral
  • Career site
  • Vendor portal
  • Social sourcing
  • Employee referral
  • Source boosters

Career siteAttract top talent by showcasing your brand and how your organization stands out from others. Create the best first impression for your company with a beautiful career site. Benefits of Recruiting CRM System

Vendor portal Easily manage your job requirement needs with vendor portal. Recruiter vendors access all job requisitions posted on the vendor portal and provide the best suitabe candidates for you.Faster Candidate Sourcing with Recruitment CRM

Social sourcing Have access to the millions of online job seekers right at your fingertips. With Facebook job posting and Apply with LinkedIn features, connect with people who match your criteria within seconds.Vendor Portal- Recruiting CRM tool

Employee referral Use your own workforce as sourcing extensions. Find talent by asking your employees to recommend candidates from their existing networks. Apply with LinkedIn

Source boosters Instantly source talent with Zoho Recruit's Source Booster and save time and effort. Search an infinite number of profiles, quickly access their resume, and directly add them to your Recruit database. Candidate Employee Referral

Applicant tracking

The more insights you have in your business, the better. Make informed hiring decision with advanced analytics. Turn all your data into dashboards and charts that are automatically updated and always accurate.

Candidate Hiring Pipeline Candidate Hiring Pipeline Recruiting KPI dashboard Sourcing summary for jobs Candidate Assessments
  • Hiring pipeline
  • Recruiting KPIs
  • Sourcing summary
  • Assessments
  • Background screening

Hiring pipeline Get a holistic view of the candidates hiring pipeline. From screening to hire, view the candidate status in the recruitment process. Candidate Hiring Pipeline

Recruiting KPIs Make data-driven decisions by tracking key performance indicators like time-to-fill, time-to-hire, age of job, and offer acceptance rate.Candidate Hiring Pipeline

Sourcing summary Know where your candidates come from. Monitor the status of your job openings with sourcing summary. Track the performance of each job board and select more quality hires faster.Recruiting KPI dashboard

Assessments Mitgate bias and measure candidate skills with a set of pre-defined questions. Create a structured hiring process and ensure every candidate is assessed consistently and fairly. Sourcing summary for jobs

Background screening Conduct background checks 35 percent faster with Zoho Recruit's Checkr integration. Export candidate details directly to Checkr and generate automatic reports to your recruit database.Candidate Assessments

Resume Management

Upload, parse, and search for resumes quickly and effectively with Zoho Recruit's resume management system.

Resume Management Candidate Resume Parser Recruiter Resume Inbox Online Resume Extractor
  • Resume parser
  • Resume inbox
  • Resume extractor
  • Formatted resume

Resume parser Reduce clicks by leveraging Zoho Recruit's resume parsing tool to extract details and populate candidate, contact, and job records. Resume Management

Resume inbox Stop wasting time sifting through every email to find a potential candidate resume. Automatically parse resumes from any email account to your recruit database. Candidate Resume Parser

Resume extractor Find an interesting resume online that fits your job description? Zoho Recruit's Chrome browser plugin can parse content from almost any webpage and add them as a candidate record into your account.Recruiter Resume Inbox

Formatted resume Generate your own resume format and brand them with your company theme before submitting them to your clients.Online Resume Extractor

Collaborative Hiring

Client portal- Free Recruiting CRM Client Portal Collaborative Hiring
  • Client Portal
  • SMS/Phone
  • @mentions

Client Portal Stay in touch with your client and have great conversations. With Client Portal, you can create new job openings, send feedback about candidates submitted for review, and make interview decisions. Client portal- Free Recruiting CRM

SMS/Phone Always be engaging. Never miss out on messages or calls from your candidates and clients. Send interview reminders, jot down a call description during or after the call, and much more. Client Portal

@mentions Keep your colleagues in the loop with @mentions. Like any other tagging function, Zoho Recruit’s @mentions sends a push notification so your team can stay on top of their game. Collaborative Hiring

Recruitment Automation

Speed up your end-to-end recruitment process by automating time-consuming tasks. Set up automatic replies, alerts, and notifications in advance and more with our recruitment software.

Recruitment Automation Structured Hiring- blueprint Candidate recruitment tools
  • Blueprint
  • Workflows
  • Reporting hierarchy

Blueprint Keep your teammates on the same page with a structured hiring process. With Blueprint, show users what actions need to be taken at what time and prompt them for the right information in the right sequence.Recruitment Automation

Workflows Automate your recruiting process with pre-defined rules. When a rule is triggered, the alerts , tasks, and field updates associated with the rule will perform the action. Structured Hiring- blueprint

Reporting hierarchy Ensure controlled access of information by setting up your organization's hierarchy structure based on the roles and reporting managers.Candidate recruitment tools

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