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Building and maintaining relationships with a large pool of candidates and clients can be time-consuming for a recruiter. An ideal recruitment software helps recruiters in the process of posting jobs online and attracting top talent for vacant job positions that are the best fit for their organization. Zoho Recruit's easy-to-use web-based online recruitment software is designed specifically for internal hiring and staffing agencies that prioritize both the candidate and recruiter experience.

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'Xceptional' an agency that specializes in tech placements for Autistic professionals says

"Our process from profiling to shortlisting candidates has gone from days to hours"

Mike TozerCEO, Xceptional

Why Zoho Recruit is the best recruiting software?

Ease of Use

Zoho Recruit's intuitive interface guides you toward the next step to hire the best candidate. The perfect recruiting software solution for both SMEs and enterprise firms

Structured Hiring

Get a clear picture of your current candidate status and elevate the quality of hires by capturing every detail right from sourcing to evaluation.

Effective Communication

Think outside your inbox and keep candidates and recruiters in the know with effective multi-channel communication..

Online Recruitment CRM software

Zoho Recruit helps you organize and keep track of all your job openings, resumes, candidates, clients, and contacts while letting staffing agencies create powerful yet simple hiring process. Our robust system scans millions of online profiles and multiple data sources to find candidates who match the skill set and location of your job.

Features of recruiting system

Acquire the right talent faster than ever

Find the best candidate for each job using the best recruitment platform. Our powerful recruitment CRM easily captures candidate information from multiple sourcing channels thereby reducing the time-to-fill.

Skilled candidates hard to find? Not anymore!

Set skill preference like must-have and nice-to-have skills for a job opening before publishing. Zoho Recruit's AI algorithm calculates an applicant skill score and identifies the most relevant candidates within seconds.

Reduce manual tasks by automating workflows

Combine multiple functions or tasks with a single click. Assign tasks to users based on specific criteria. Use existing email templates or add custom ones and create workflow alerts that automatically send email notification when triggered.

With right metrics comes great hires

Make the most informed decisions at the right time by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Optimize your online recruitment management system by analysing time-to-hire, time-to-fill, age of job, and offer acceptance.

Post once. Publish everywhere.

Multiple job posting gives your jobs maximum visibility and lets you hire candidates from a larger talent pool. Reach millions of job seekers across the globe with Zoho Recruit's free and premium job boards and ill more job openings than ever before.

Reduce bias in your recruitment system

Assessing candidates varies with every organization. Zoho Recuit's recruitment management software ensure every candidate gets assessed consistently. Bring your recruiting team onboard, evaluate candidates, give ratings, add comments, and collaborate before selecting the right applicant.

Overview of Recruitment Software

What is Recruiting Software?

  • Recruiting Software is a system that automates your entire recruitment process right from posting job online to on-boarding of new recruits. It's used by all sizes of organization to track, manage, and communicate with a large number of candidates to automate the recruiting process.

Why do you need ATS Recruitment software?

  • A strong HR recruitment software helps you to minimize manual time-consuming tasks while you focus on attracting applicants who are right fit for the organization. Send bulk emails, trigger workflows and automate your recruiting process while collaborating with your hiring team.

Benefits of using a Recruitment System

  • A complete applicant tracking system provides benefits to both the recruiter and the candidate. Having the right tool in place and implementing a recruitment system can save cost, time and attract candidates who drive more growth and productivity to the organization. Key benefits of using a recruitment tool include:
    1. Improves recruiter's productivity
    2. Allow candidates to get better candidates faster
    3. Recruitment analytics helps in critical decision-making
    4. Provides automation to recruitment system
    5. Improves communication within the recruiting team
    6. Saves time performing tedious tasks

Why is Zoho Recruit the best recruiting system?

  • Zoho Recruit's intuitive recruiting system helps recruiters to manage their entire hiring process. It helps you to speed up your candidate management process, thus reducing time to fill an open job position.
    1. Source, track and hire candidates within one platform with advanced recruitment metrics and automations.
    2. Publish once and post everywhere with our 300+ integrations with free and sponsored job boards.
    3. Social recruiting helps you recruit passive candidates faster. With Facebook job posting and LinkedIn listing attract applicants.
    4. Recruit even when you commute with our mobile app. Review candidate profiles, schedule calls, interview candidates and much more.

What are the best recruiting methods?

  • Recruiting methods are unique to each company based on their requirements, culture, and hiring patterns. Recent technological advancement has led to improvements like artificial intelligence and machine learning. With recruitment AI reduces the workload for recruiters by automating all the mundane tasks and improve candidate experience.
    1. Recruit ahead of the curve by establishing a structured hiring process.
    2. Effectively plan your workday with collaborative hiring
    3. Mitigate bias from your interview process
    4. Get real-time reports and metrics and make data based decisions
    5. Autopilot your workflows

How to build a recruitment strategy?

  • To develop a recruitment strategy that's in line with your recruitment process will help you attract candidates faster. The following are steps that help you formulate a successful recruitment plan:
    1. Analyze your recruitment needs and assign a budget.
    2. Create a hiring calendar based on the requests from client or hiring manager.
    3. Identify tools that will help you achieve your goals.
    4. Design a workflow suiting your hiring pattern and automate the next step.
    5. Conduct background and verification checks for candidates.
    6. Integrate with other service providers to provide a collective experience.

What are the recruitment KPI's?

  • Recruitment KPIs are key performance indicators which are used to measure hiring success and optimize the way you hire candidates. There are four KPIs used in Zoho Recruit:
    1. Time-to-fill: The time it takes to fill vacant positions.
    2. Time-to-hire: The time it takes to identify and recruit a candidate to fill a vacant position.
    3. Age of the job: The time period of an open job.
    4. Job acceptance rate: Compares the number of candidates who were presented an offer versus the number of candidates who accepted the offer.
  • These metrics will give you a comprehensive view of your recruitment process and helps in strengthening your hiring strategy.

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