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Marketing Project Management

Marketing project management is a discipline in itself. Huge volume with pressing deadlines. And everyone’s a critic when it comes to copy and design. You need to arm yourself with a project management tool that gets what you’re up against and helps you conquer the challenges. It can help you meet deadlines and manage people, deliverables, creative pieces and approvals. You can plan advertising campaigns, PR events and presentations, as well as effectively collaborate on content and design. Also you can create a plan and assign tasks to your designers, search engine optimizers, copywriters and can easily keep track of task completion.

Marketing project management software allows your team to collaborate on their shared tasks seamlessly and they can bring a piece to perfection, discuss SEO tactics and develop an online advertising campaign for your brand. It always keeps you up-to-date on the progress, latest changes and results. All this in one solution that’s fast to implement and easy to use without imposing much learning curve.

Zoho Projects was the low cost, high value option which we selected to more efficiently run our 20-person program and design team - who are spread across three countries. It has tripled our productivity and eliminated development problems. - Kevin Long ,Marketing

Key Business Benefits

  • Initiating projects quickly by either copying an existing project or using project templates.
  • Keep all critical marketing information like collaterals, product brochures well-organized and in one place.
  • Reviewing and collaborating on creative pieces using on-line discussion boards i.e., project forums.
  • Develop and build an online advertising campaign for your brand by using group chat.
  • Data in the form of spreadsheets, project costs and timelines can be shared in real-time with the team.
  • Reporting on those metrics that are important to running your business using the built-in project wiki.