Project Reports

Why do you need online project reports?

Reports give you a visual representation of how your projects are shaping up so that with one glimpse you know where your projects are standing. They often use graphs, images and charts to capture and present useful information such as project status, length of an activity and time spent doing each task. Online project reports are easy-to-interpret, making them an ideal way of communicating latest project information to project managers, clients, stakeholders and team members.

Zoho Projects has your online project reporting software

Zoho Projects comes with a set of reporting tools to give you actionable insights into your projects. You can assess how long a project will take to complete, find out who is free and who is occupied and prioritize the order in which the tasks are to be carried out. With this you will be able to work out the most efficient way to complete a project.

Business Benefits of Online Project Reports

  • Allows you to identify the resources needed to complete a project.
  • Helps you to monitor whether the project is on schedule or not
  • Gain visiblity into how your team is progressing against pre-defined goals
  • Quickly & easily generate useful reports over your business data, with no IT help

Project Status Reports

With the Milestone Gantt chart, see how far your projects have come and the milestones that have been achieved during the course. Insert tasks and subtasks right from within the chart.

Project Sequence Report

The Chronology Gantt chart gives you a view of all your tasks based on the their order of occurrence. Filter them based on a number of criteria to suit your requirements. Quickly analyse and simply drag and drop to make any changes.

Resources View

Catch an overview of how each of your team member's time is being utilized with the Resource utilization chart. The interesting see-saw representation instantly conveys to you if your team member is over occupied or is idle.

Zoho Reports Integration

Integrate with Zoho Reports, a full-fledged reporting tool to access more than 50 ready made reports and dashboards. Slice and dice your data the way you want and analyze the performance of your most valuable resource- your team!