Project Events

Every project is bound to have associated events such as team meetings, presentations and reviews. Now you can schedule and manage them from a single place. Even if you miss an event, you can view it under elapsed events and get an idea of what happened.

Schedule Events

You can schedule events like meetings, presentations and reviews and invite participants from your project team. Recurring events can also be scheduled to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Set a time to remind the attendees in advance to make sure nobody forgets.

See upcoming Events

You can see all your scheduled events categorized as today, tomorrow and later. Here you can also see event date, duration, location and the list of participants.

View Elapsed Events

You can view a list of elapsed events. This can be used to keep a record of important details of the events such as minutes of meetings, copies of presentations made and the documents involved. This can act as a handy resource to those who missed the event to catch up with what happened.

Add Meeting Notes and Documents

If you feel the participants must come with some prior knowledge about topics to be discussed, you can associate documents with events. Details such as minutes of a meeting can be added as comments to events.