Project Calendar

Why do you need online project calendar?

Project teams are all about endless stream of meetings, appointments, events and deliverables. Keeping it all coordinated is increasingly a dead-end pursuit. Online Project Calendar gives you the power to revolutionize the way everyone in your project team works. With Online Project Calendar, it's easy to keep track of all important events of the project from one place to ensure a better project management among teams.


How Zoho Projects can be your online project calendar?

Zoho Projects calendar is an easy way to securely and quickly organize meetings, events, schedule appointments, manage deadlines and more - all with a browser from your desktop. A shared online project calendar is easy for the entire team to stay on schedule, remind the team on upcoming events and make everyone in the project more productive.

Key Benefits of a Project Calendar

  • Organize team meetings and keep the team informed
  • Share your project calendar with everyone in the team
  • Stay up-to-date on appointments through automatic reminders
  • Keep all your deadlines coordinated from a single place

Schedule Group Meetings

Schedule group meetings and events for your entire team. You can see who is available and schedule your conference room and other resources. Set permissions, provide access to members to view a scheduled meeting on the group calendar. You can click ELAPSED EVENTS to view events that have slipped. And you can filter views based on Participants also.

Share your Project Calendar

Share your project calendar with your team or coworkers or clients. Provide editing rights and see shared events alongside their own schedules, while securing the access of your personal appointments.

Send Automatic Reminders

Set Automatic Reminders to remind participants prior to a meeting to help ensure that everyone is present for the meeting. Automatically notify users by email when you change a meeting schedule.