Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management, or HCM, involves hiring, developing, managing, and optimizing a global workforce. It encompasses more than just administrative HR work, focusing instead on how to maximize employee potential and improve business outcomes.

How can human capital management help your business?

Human capital refers to the economic value that an employee has on your business. It's about ensuring employees have the right resources, environment, skills and competencies to be productive. By switching to a human capital management approach to running your workforce, you're better equipped to:


Hire the right people


Improve employee performance


Align employee and business goals


Enhance training outcomes


Improve HR agility


Improve employee retention


Enhance employee satisfaction


Streamline HR operations

Why should you use HCM software?

Because human capital management takes a more comprehensive approach to HR, a centralized system helps keep everyone on the same page. Tracking information, managing activities, and analyzing insights would take an immense amount of time and effort without a streamlined solution. Zoho People's human capital management software uses automation and custom HR tools to organize your HR tasks, save you time, and help you continuously improve your people management techniques.

Zoho People is an HCM software designed specifically to simplify your people management operations with custom tools for everything from time tracking and performance reviews to professional development and HR analytics.

Manage a global workforce with agility Make time and attendance effortless Optimize performance. Maximize Potential. Build a learning culture Integrate your entire app ecosystem Deliver the best service experience Build custom services with guided automation Make informed decisions with analytics

Manage a global workforce with agility

As your business expands to have more divisions, locations, and employees, Zoho People will help you take care of all your HR needs from a single interface so you can quickly adapt to your organization's growth. Whether it's about automating a process, managing remote teams, or changing a workflow, Zoho People can help you do just that. We're built to be tailored for every business with end-to-end HR customization.

Human Capital Management

Make time and attendance effortless

A huge part of HR goes toward managing employee time and attendance, including multiple calculations that have to be spot-on accurate. Zoho People enables you to customize your time off and attendance policies, create and manage projects, and set up automated workflows for your operations. The self-service features enable employees to clock in and request time off without any glitches.

Human Capital Management

Optimize performance. Maximize Potential.

Align employee goals to KPIs, provide 360-degree feedback, and review performance regularly with both continuous and self reviews. Reports like the 9-box and skill set matrix help you identify skill gaps, plan for skill alignment within teams, and design stronger plans to develop your workforce.

Human Capital Management

Build a learning culture

Helping employees grow in their career through mentorship and skills training is one of the biggest benefits an organization can provide. Zoho People's LMS helps you craft courses, enable virtual classrooms and mobile learning, foster inter-team collaboration, and empower managers to suggest courses for their employees.

Human Capital Management

Integrate your entire app ecosystem

Zoho People integrates with many popular Zoho and third-party applications like Zoho Recruit, Zoho Expense, GSuite, Microsoft, QuickBooks, Zappier, Xoxoday and more. Take advantage of these integrations, keep the apps you use every day, and ensure your HR operations run smooth and error-free.

Human Capital Management

Deliver the best service experience

HR service delivery is essential to employee experience. The Cases feature in Zoho People sets up a platform where employees can quickly raise questions about any need they have, big or small. The questions are categorized and subject-matter experts are assigned to each category, so resolving questions will be faster and more efficient.

Human Capital Management

Build custom services with guided automation

Go beyond the services Zoho People's HCM provides by building your own services or customizing existing ones. With simple drag-and-drop forms and blueprints for guided workflows, you can put your most time-consuming processes on autopilot and focus on your people management strategies.

Human Capital Management

Make informed decisions with analytics

Analytics is a key aspect of human capital management. Get your hands on insights about every aspect of your people operations, right from attrition rates and employee performance to L&D, attendance trends, and much more.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management made Effortless

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