BizBox simplifies HR and delivers a great employee experience with Zoho People Plus

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The company

BizBox Publishing is an innovative creative services company. It serves and partners with brands in the wedding, fashion, beauty, media, and entertainment industries worldwide. Since its founding in 2017, BizBox has grown into a 300-strong workforce that's completely remote.

The challenge

BizBox went 100% remote in March 2020, right at the onset of the pandemic. The company was clear that it needed the right people, processes, and policies supported by strong technology to sustain its culture in a completely remote setup.

"We had a feature wishlist that we knew would help us define what 'strong’ meant, and we created a scorecard based on which we evaluated various platforms." says Salim

BizBox aims to treat its employees as its own customers. The company wanted something that met its need for SAAFE-T, a homegrown mantra specifically designed to help the organization scale, simplify, and achieve product-market-fit as a standard way of operating.

"We purpose to constantly ask ourselves in all business decision-making, 'Does it Scale? Is it Automated? Is it Accurate? Is it Fast? Is it Easy? Is it Timely?" Salim explains.

BizBox's previous HR software didn't meet the requirements for a SAAFE-T solution with frequent glitches, bad UI and user experience, outdated features, and a lack of integrations.

The solution

With an aim to find a solution that met their SAAFE-T requirements, the team at BizBox identified and evaluated solutions like Keka, Happierwork, Qandle, and Zoho.

"As we scaled, we wanted to do much more. We wanted to go beyond just attendance and leave management, which is what we were doing with the earlier software. We had a comparative scorecard and Zoho outscored the other final contenders," says Salim.

With People Plus, BizBox manages hiring, onboarding, time and attendance, performance management, and exit. All of its employment and vendor contracts are now digitally signed through Zoho Sign. The company also use Zoho's collaboration platform Connect for employee announcements and communication, making it easier for its remote workforce to stay on the same page.

"At BizBox, People and Culture is a much more differentiated and empowered function than traditional HR. P&C has the ability to hold people, teams, and operational management accountable. In case of a disagreement, operational teams, by design, defer to P&C on anything related to people, policy, and culture."

Amit - Salim Bhalerao, Head of People and Culture, Bizbox

Benefits and ROI

Streamlining hiring and onboarding

Candidates flow in from multiple locations for BizBox—job boards, vendors, and more. The company needed a single system to manage candidates and the hiring pipeline, as well as a way to seamlessly onboard and integrate new hires into the organization.

With Recruit's integration with multiple job boards and the ability to manage a no of vendors, BizBox saw a significant reduction in the time and cost per hire. Not just that, but the organization has streamlined the end-to-end process with People Plus, from posting job openings to sending out offer letters.

Once the candidate digitally signs and sends the offer letter, the onboarding process gets started. Employees can submit their documents and fill in their details, and the information will be updated in the employee's master data.

Employee help desk to manage questions

Another important case where BizBox found the right solution with People Plus was responding to employee questions. The company implemented Cases in Zoho People to sort the questions, route them to the right person, and resolve issues within five working days. This has helped the team streamline management, keep track of the status of each case, and follow up with employees easily. The current resolution time is at 1.87 days!

Looking forward

BizBox is currently content with all that it has implemented with Zoho People. The team has seen tremendous benefits after usin Zoho more consistently and is glad that the solution is scalable, accurate, fast, easy, and timely. The company is looking at ways to continue making the most of the solution in the future.