Talent Management

Nurture the people that drive your business.

Talent management doesn't have to be a tedious process. With Zoho People Plus, you can manage and retain your talented employees while grooming moderate performers for future success. Provide them with opportunities to learn and develop professionally.

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Develop and retain talent

Every employee has unique talents. Nurture that talent and drive employees towards your organization's goals with the right set of tools.

  • Define KRA and Goals

    From new hires to team leaders, Key Result Areas (KRAs) help you plan out responsibilities for each job role and align them with individual and bigger organizational goals. 

  • Clear outlook on skills

    Tag and highlight skill sets for every role and give employees what they need to cultivate those skills. With the skill set matrix, you can choose the right resource for a project without the tedious search.


360-degree feedback 

Four out of 10 employees are actively disengaged when they receive little or no feedback. Prevent this by giving and receiving feedback from your co-workers every day regardless of the hierarchy.  

Manage the appraisal cycle 

Automate and justify your appraisal cycles with self-appraisal methods and multi-rater reviews. Define a customized process that fits your organization's approach of handling appraisals.

Data-driven talent insights 

The nine-box model evaluates the potential and performance of an employee, helping you analyze performance and plan for succession or training needs. 

Train and upskill employees  

Allow employees and managers to enroll in training sessions and give them access to an array of useful learning materials. 

Your employees are your first customers. Give them the best experience.

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