Office Partners 360 transforms HCM with Zoho to introduce efficiency, scale with ease, and support the employee experience

In this ebook, we share the story of a company that realized their HR transformation using Zoho People. Read on to find out how Office Partners 360 overcame their operational hurdles and saved hours of manual work, leading to efficient HR management.

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Ben Roberts

That’s the beauty of Zoho. We can implement clean and easy-to-build, repeatable, scalable, predictable processes at a massive scale, globally in different countries.

Ben Roberts,

President, Office Partners 360

Improved productivity90% automated. 60% to 70% reduction in time on manual updates.
Streamlined hiring and onboardingLeveraging Zoho Recruit and Zoho People, Office Partners 360 can get onboarding requests, which typically took one week to do, reduced to one day for executive approval.
Improved employee experienceWith Zoho in place, employees enter into a fully modern digital environment from the moment they apply for a job with Office Partners 360.

Moving beyond spreadsheets and paper-based systems with Zoho

Office Partners 360 is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization offering a plethora of services, including customer support, sales support, technical support, back-office support, content moderation, artificial intelligence, operations, and creative services and is based out of North America with 2000+ employees across offices in offices in the US, India, Philippines, and Colombia, plus a small number of independent contractors across Europe.

For HR, the company ran on the Google Suite platform, using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive. As a result, they were experiencing version control issues and corrupted files. Critically, conducting data analysis was difficult. The cobbled-together ecosystem also hindered their ability to streamline processes or access an accurate overview of the company’s compensation plans.

When Roberts joined Office Partners 360, one of his first actions was to reboot customer relationship management. Having utilized Zoho in another company, he was very familiar with the platform and adamant that Office Partners 360 wait to deploy a single technology stack across the enterprise to build a cohesive and complementary workflow, all under the aegis of Zoho.

Learn how Office Partners 360 transformed its HCM with ZohoRead the case study