Zoho People updates: What's new in December?

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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December Product updates - Zoho People

With 2020 coming to an end, we at Zoho People want to thank our community for always guiding us with feedback. We strive to introduce features that truly meet your needs. Our product developers have been hard at work this December to get the final 2020 updates released before the end of the year, and we are delighted to share them with you. Here's a quick summary of everything new in Zoho People during December:

  • Certificates in LMS

It always feels good to have proof of important career accomplishments. As you might know, our Learning Management System in Zoho People allows you to create development courses for employees. We recently introduced a new feature that allows organizations to include course certificates for all employees who have completed a particular course. This will keep your learners more engaged and motivate them to complete further courses. We have several certificate templates, which can be customized and awarded to employees. Learn more about course certificates in LMS. 

  • Detailed feedback reports in PMS

Feedback reports in our Performance Management System provide a consolidated view of all the feedback received by team members. This will help you identify areas that require more improvements. Before, the report highlighted the different types of feedback received by employees. With the new enhancement, managers can see more specific details about the feedback received. This allows you and your managers to dissect the exact reasons behind the feedback you're receiving. You can now export the individual comments received by employees along with the usual report. Learn how to access the detailed feedback report. 

  • Option to hide employee mobile numbers

Our employee self-service portal allows employees to perform a host of HR tasks themselves within our application. The personal settings option in this feature allows them to personalize their profile according to their preferences. They can hide or display certain personal information from others in the organization. With our new enhancement, employees can even choose to hide their mobile number from others. This enhancement has been introduced to protect employee privacy.

  • Mapping and unmapping goals to KRAs

When KRAs and goals work together, employee performance management can be taken to the next level. That's why we have a separate module called KRAs vs Goals under our performance management system. Once this performance module is enabled, goals can be mapped or unmapped to a KRA. With our new enhancement, you can detach a goal from one KRA and map it to another. This allows goals to be transferred between different KRAs. Learn more about KRA mapping here. 

  • Weightage validation for Goals in PMS

Goals play a key role in evaluating an employee's performance as it highlights what they need to concentrate on. It also allows them to look back and see everything they've done to help the organization succeed. With our new feature, you can now set a weightage validation for goals. This feature has been introduced for two performance areas: Goals and KRAs vs Goals. With the first option, you can set a weightage limit of 100 for all the goals tagged to a particular user. This means the weightage sum of all the goals mapped to an employee should not exceed 100. With the latter option, you can ensure that the weightage sum of all the goals mapped to a particular KRA doesn't exceed 100. Learn more about this feature here. 

With these features, we hope to help HR professionals and employees complete their work hassle-free. As we go into 2021, the business world is going through enormous changes. We're hoping to stay with you every step of the way! Please let us know your feedback after using these features to help us strengthen their functionality. If you have any further questions regarding these features, please write to us at support@zohopeople.com.

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