KRA or Key Result areas can be used as a tool to measure performance, along with other modules like Goals, Skillset etc. KRAs can be created and mapped to a department or a Designation or both.

Defining KRAs

You can decide whether the permission should be given to Reporting Manager or Users to tag KRAs.

To do this

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Settings > Permissions
  • Under KRA, click on Self/Reporting to to enable or disable Users/Reporting Managers to tag KRA

To add a KRA and map it to a Department or Designation:

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Settings > KRA
  • Click on 'Add KRA' and enter the KRA name

To tag the KRA to a Department/Designation,

  • Click Tag KRA
  • Under Tag by, select Department/Designation or both and select the desired option(s)

  • Give a weightage for the KRA if required and click on Submit. Weightages can also be given in decimals. For example 22.2%.

Now, a KRA has been added against the Designation/Department or both. Employees/Users who belong to the respective Designations/Department or both will be able to see the KRAs available for them. They can tag themselves by following the steps given below.

  • Go to Performance > My Review > KRA
  • Click on 'Tag KRA', select the KRA and click on 'Submit

 Tip : Click here to know more about Multi-rater review

You can either rate the KRAs individually or have Goals mapped to the KRAs and rate the Goals. You have the option to decide which method you would like to follow.

 Tip : Ensure that you have enabled the respective modules under Performance > Settings > Performance Modules

Depending on your selection, you will be able to see the tab listed under 'My Review' for users. The KRAs will be listed and users can add Goals to these KRAs by clicking on 'Add Goals'. Once goals are added, users can update their progress on the goal by entering the value in the box given. After this, they can rate their goals. Once users give their rating, managers can give their rating for the particular goal by following the steps given below.

  • Go to Performance > Team Mates > Appraisee View
  • Select the employee and go to KRA Vs Goals tab
  • Rate the KRA/Goals or both

If you decide to include KRA as a tool to measure performance, you can include it as part of Self-Appraisal, Multi-rater review for the Appraisal Cycle, when it is time for your Appraisal Cycle (provided you have enabled these)

 TipClick here to know how to start an Appraisal Cycle.

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