What's New in Zoho People? Product updates from September 2021

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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September 2021 - Zoho People product updates

As a robust HR management solution, Zoho People has been designed with all the custom features necessary to meet our customers' needs and simplify HR operations across the board. Every month, we add new updates and functions to our HR software to make sure it's working to the best of its capabilities, and we summarize all the enhancements here so you can get a quick glance at all the improvements. So without further ado, here's everything new in Zoho People from September:

  • Simplify onsite attendance with Zoho People Kiosk  

At Zoho People, we understand the importance of tracking employee attendance accurately for both processing payroll and ensuring compliance. That's why we have introduced Zoho People Kiosk, a smart facial recognition app designed to make onsite attendance easy and error-free.  

With a stable internet connection, the Zoho People Kiosk app can be installed on a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop and be kept near your reception desk to support easy check-in and check-out. The application scans your employee's face, matches it with employee pictures stored in the Zoho People server, and completes the check-in or check-out as soon as their identity is confirmed. This way, nobody other than your employees can enter your worksite and you can also put a stop to buddy punching. As soon as your employees check in, their attendance information will be reflected in the Zoho People app, which prevents your team from doing double the data entries. Learn how to use our new Zoho People Kiosk app for your organization.

  • Create custom reports based on leave application data  

The leave module that comes with Zoho People supports a slew of readily available reports on employee time off, vacation days, and leaves of absence. These reports dive into details such as daily leave statuses, time off balances, loss of pay, leave encashment, and more. That said, there may be cases where you need reports that reflect custom information based on your specific business or industry. With our new enhancement to these leave reports, you can build custom reports in a few simple steps using the available leave application fields. Check out a detailed use case to learn more about how this feature works. 

  • Customize background colors and patterns for your LMS courses  

Zoho People includes a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) to help organizations equip their employees with all the skills required to move up in their careers and stay engaged in their roles. One of the many options under Zoho People's LMS allows course administrators to add banners and course images that reflect the nature of the course. With our new enhancement, course administrators can also customize the background color and patterns of the course. These course images appear under the My courses and Course catalog tabs. Learn more about this feature.

  • Publish continuous review ratings  

Continuous Reviews in Zoho People allow performance administrators to run reviews for employees regularly. These reviews usually happen in two stages, where employees review their performance in the first stage and managers review it in the second stage. With our new enhancement, if the self-review option is not enabled, employees can view the ratings and feedback received from their reviewers. Learn more about this feature.

Wrapping up  

All of these features are aimed at streamlining HR operations and providing the best possible working experience to employees. Give them a try and let us know how they have helped you in the comments section below!

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