What's New in Zoho People? October 2021 product updates

  • Last Updated: November 11, 2021
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Oct 2021 - Zoho People product updates

With each passing month, we at Zoho People are always on the lookout for better opportunities to transform the way HR departments operate. We prefer to leave no stone unturned when it comes to saving HR professionals from time-consuming administrative tasks and providing a hassle-free working experience to employees. In this pursuit, we have introduced some new features to take the tedium out of your HR processes. Here's a list of all the important features and enhancements introduced in Zoho People since October 2021:

  • Collect feedback from learners in your LMS

For any course to be successful, feedback is essential. Hearing from learners directly allows you to make changes that will actually increase the relevancy and usefulness of your training programs to your employees. With our new feature, course administrators can use our default feedback form to collect input from learners. They can also create custom feedback templates to include questions that they think have an impact on course quality based on their industry or employees' preferences. Course administrators can include multiple choice questions, ratings, scales, and more to get an accurate depiction of employee sentiments. Learn more about receiving feedback from course participants in Zoho People. 

  • Add managers as recipients in e-sign templates

As an HR professional, you probably deal with multiple files that have to be sent out regularly to get signatures from employees. Using Zoho People, documents and other important files can be shared instantly with employees online for e-signatures. To make this even easier, you can now set up e-signature templates for your organizational files. With our latest enhancement, you can configure the "Add Manager" option, which sends a document automatically to the employee's reporting manager for e-signature. They can sign, view, or approve the document based on the option you select. This is useful for cases when certain agreements, documents, or files have to be signed both by employees and their managers. Learn more about adding managers as signatories. 

  • New enhancement in Advanced Analytics

The Advanced Analytics feature that comes as part of Zoho People provides access to several customizable HR reports that provide key information such as employee attrition rates, growth rates, hiring rates, and more. With so many reports present, HR administrators need easy access to dashboards that consolidate and display them all in one space. Using our new enhancement, HR administrators can pin their frequently used dashboards under "Favorites," and the Advanced Analytics configuration owner can pin important dashboards under both the "Admin" and "Favorites" options. Learn more about pinned dashboards for analytics. 

  •  Enter UAN in a dedicated field on employee forms 

 As you may already know, a Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12-digit number provided to facilitate provident funds. With our new enhancement, you can enter this UAN number on employee forms along with all the other basic information you need to know about each employee. As the number needs to stay private and secure, this particular field can also be encrypted. Learn more about this enhancement. 

  • Customize shift reminder emails

In Zoho People, email notifications can be triggered automatically to remind employees about their check-in and check-out times every day. Emails can be triggered before and after their shift-start time, as well as before and after their shift-end time. Similarly, automated emails can be triggered to notify reporting managers about team members who have not checked in for the day. With our new enhancement, the emails triggered to notify employees and reporting managers can be customized according to your organization's needs. For instance, you could include a link to the Zoho People check-in or check-out page in the email to make it easy for your employees to log their work hours. Learn more about custom shift reminder emails. 

Wrapping up

Using these features can help you, your HR team, and your employees take HR management to the next level. Give these features a try and let us know how they help your organization in the comments section below. For questions, write to support@zohopeople.com.


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