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Zoho People is your end-to-end solution for human capital management. Optimize your entire HR process with dedicated features for onboarding, talent management, training and more, and provide an employee experience that attracts and retains top performers.

Why should you use HCM software?


Build guided and reliable end-to-end HR processes


Provide the best HR service experience for your employees


Analyze critical workforce trends for better strategizing

Comprehensive HCM software that works your way

A simple user experience

HCM systems shouldn't require users to be tech ninjas. Provide employees with a simple and guided user experience, and watch adoption rates skyrocket.

A system that works your way

Every team is different, and digital HCM systems should reflect that. Customize your people management techniques to the needs of your workforce with Zoho People.

Integrations with apps you already use

Keep the apps you love without slowing down your HR processes. Zoho People connects to many popular third-party apps through REST APIs so data can flow freely and instantly.

Best-in-class security and privacy shield

We put security and privacy above all. Zoho People is built from the ground up to ensure your data stays protected, and it comes with added features that ensure absolute employee privacy.

Key features of Zoho People's HCM software

Simplify recruitment and onboardingManage global employee dataAutomate time and attendance managementFoster high performance with timely feedbackHelp employees learn and growDeliver world-class HR serviceBuild custom services with guided automationMake informed decisions with analytics

Simplify recruitment and onboarding

Zoho People integrates with Zoho Recruit so you can onboard top talent faster than ever. Hire quality candidates with Recruit, and then start their journey with your organization right with People.

Manage global employee data

It's now easier than ever to manage all your business entities and employees spread across the globe with a single application. Whether your workforce is completely onsite, remote, or hybrid, Zoho People handles your HR operations without hassle.

Automate time and attendance management

Take advantage of custom time tracking and attendance tools that allow for employee self-service and faster payroll processing. With our facial recognition time clock, you can also export timesheets faster and prevent buddy punching.

Foster high performance with timely feedback

Assign goals, measure skills, and guide employees with KRAs. 360-degree feedback ensures employees receive a more complete picture of their performance, and continuous reviews keep managers and employees in touch more regularly.

Help employees learn and grow

With Zoho People you can build courses from scratch, enable virtual classrooms, and connect learners with trainers in just a few seconds. You can also run assessments, gather feedback, and suggest courses that will boost employees in their careers.

Deliver world-class HR service

Employee questions come in all shapes and sizes. Zoho People creates a space for employees to reach out to the right people and have their questions clarified. Create a comprehensive FAQ, and assign dedicated experts to every question category.

Build custom services with guided automation

Go beyond the services Zoho People's HCM provides by building your own services or customizing existing ones. With simple drag-and-drop forms and blueprints for guided workflows, you can put your most time-consuming processes on autopilot and focus on crafting strong employee experience initiatives.

Make informed decisions with analytics

Analytics is a key aspect of human capital management. Get your hands on insights about every aspect of your people operations, right from attrition rates and employee performance to L&D, attendance trends, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What is HCM software?

HCM software helps you manage your end-to-end HR operations and the entire employee lifecycle on a single platform. Right from recruitment and employee management to time off, performance, and professional development, it ensures that your HR processes run smoothly and your employees get a great digital experience.

What's the difference between HRM and HCM software?

HRM software focuses on core solutions for small to mid-size businesses whereas HCM software simplifies all HR processes involved in the employee lifecycle. HCM software starts with talent acquisition and handles onboarding, performance, learning, attendance, and even exit management.

Who uses HCM software?

Companies that have a medium to large workforce, especially if it's spread across the globe, use HCM software to manage all their company's HR-related operations from a single platform.

What are the key features of HCM software?

  • Recruitment management
  • Onboarding and exit
  • Time and attendance management
  • Performance management
  • Learning and development
  • HR processes and automation

End-to-end people management made easy with HCM software

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