Check – in to your office with the Zoho People mobile app!

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Check in

You can check-in and check-out your time directly from your mobile phone. With the Zoho People mobile time clock you can set IP restrictions to ensure control over where and when your employee clocks-in.  Combined with features like the easy buddy search and on-the-go colleague information (already available on the iPhone app), Zoho People for android goes above and beyond.



Switch to an HR Management System. Better Now than Never!

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The Falcon real estate company was facing a dilemma  -  How should they manage the rapidly growing employee base using just spreadsheets? Things were getting messy and complicated.  After countless meetings and discussions, the company finally decided to try an HR management software. A year later, here’s how that turned out.


If you’re an HR manager for a growing business that’s still using spreadsheets, it’s probably time to move away from them and try the real stuff. Better now than never!


Connect With Your Colleagues On-the-Go With the Zoho People iPhone App

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Consider this scenario. You are away from your desk and you urgently need to reach out to one of your colleagues. That person not being a frequent contact, you do not have the phone number. Now you have to get back to your desk to pull out that information.

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface”

said Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally renowned educationalist. This reminds us about the importance of the need for people in an organization to reach out to each other. This is exactly what the iPhone App for Zoho People is meant for.

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Multiple Zoho Products Win the Trust of Secure Link Services

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We are quite excited to present Mr. Julian Weber, Managing Director of the software development firm -

Secure Link Services Ltd
. In this post, he shares his experience about how Zoho became his go-to software vendor for ALL his business needs.

A little about Secure Link Services

Secure Link Services is a software development firm with offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Launched in December 2010, we currently have 15 full time employees and extend our team with more than 10 contractors, partners and other third-party collaborators. Our mission is to deliver superior quality, speed and reliability in software development, and we intend to set market-leading standards in the globalized markets of information technology.

Secure Link Services’ Challenge

When we chose the software to underpin our operations, we had to take a number of factors into account. First, we considered price and usability. We are a startup company, so our administrative requirements are limited to the industry standard and every franc, taka and dollar counts. Another related consideration was, whether to buy the applications and run them on our own or whether to rent the applications and let someone else run them in a software-as-a-service model.

In addition to price, the other factors included 1) how to best support employees in Switzerland and Bangladesh, many of whom are constantly traveling and 2) how responsive vendors are to customer support issues, including fixing and upgrading their software.

Zoho Solution

The first Zoho application we used was

Zoho Projects

For two and a half years, I had been using Basecamp, but it was expensive and I didn’t like the UI. So I switched to Zoho Projects and found it to be one of the greatest tools for both admin projects and engineering related ones. My initial experience with Zoho encouraged us to adopt Zoho applications for other administrative purposes, and today we use Zoho Books, Zoho CRM and Zoho People as well as Zoho Projects.

Zoho Projects – As a startup, we had to create a lot of operating documents from scratch – our code of conduct, employee manuals, things of that nature. So within Zoho Projects, we created a project for each document and assigned tasks to the administrative teams. This way, we were able to report on the progress of each document, track who was doing what, and identify and address any problem areas. We do the same thing to maintain the code and content of our website, write a brochure, and perform just about any other administrative task. We even use Zoho Projects to manage marketing campaigns that go beyond the scope of Zoho CRM in terms of detailed planning, execution and management.

Zoho CRM

I  had been using Salesforce in another organization before, but Zoho CRM seems to be more flexible and definitely is more affordable. What you find in Zoho CRM is almost the same functionality as in Salesforce and it follows the Dominant Design in the CRM market.

Right now, we use contacts, accounts and leads exclusively, but we have assessed various other functionalities which we will soon use, as our marketing activities grow.

Zoho Books

This is really outstanding. We evaluated a number of online accounting applications in addition to Zoho Books, but we really like the processes behind Zoho Books. It’s very easy to use, very intuitive, e.g., the “Money In” and “Money Out” tabs in the UI.

The usability from complex bank transactions, creditcard handling to automated invoicing and estimating is really strong. We also like the support of multiple currencies in Zoho Books, and the customizable document templates are nice. Additionally, the reports give us a clear picture of our finances, taxes, and our business overall.

Zoho People
– We use Zoho People to keep track of information on our employees and
our third-party contractors. For employees, we track details related to
demographics, employment history, performance assessment, salary data,
emergency contacts, and other information. And we use Zoho People to
provide monthly salary, allowance and expense reports. We fully
customized Zoho People by adding our own approval workflows and custom
fields so we can adapt to the conditions of the Bangladeshi

Zoho’s Impact

The decision to work in the cloud with Zoho was initially motivated by cost and accessibility. But over time, working online with Zoho has proven to be a superior, long-term approach for us. In addition to the savings advantage, Zoho gives us software that’s easy to use and, if we want to modify it, easy to customize. The applications are updated constantly, not every year or couple of years. And as we grow, all we have to do is create an account for new employees, and they have access to the full Zoho suite.

Another area in which we are seeing a big impact is administrative efficiencies. Here, Zoho Books and Zoho People stand out most significantly.

By using Zoho Books, we save roughly 40 percent of a full-time employee. We’ve basically cut our accounting time in half, particularly the time it took to track expenses, receipts and other records. Likewise, Zoho People saves another 25 percent of a full-time employee, largely because of its self-service aspect.

If you too would like to share your Zoho success story,

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Vana Workforce – New Solution over Zoho People Announced

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We had mentioned about Vana Consulting Group and their customized HRM (Human Resources Management) solution built over Zoho People before. Today, Vana has announced their latest version of Vana Workforce (formerly VanaHRM) and introduced a number of key enhancements including:

  • Time Entry
  • Workforce Schedule Planning
  • Expense Management
  • Benefits Enrollment and Calculations
  • Job and Position Management
  • Sales Compensation
  • Performance Goals and Objectives Management
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Survey
  • Global HR data including US, Canada, UK, India, Japan, and Australia
  • Delivered Reports and Dashboards built on Zoho Reports

Additionally, Vana Workforce introduced a number of service packages and a new customer community for customers. Vana Workforce is also available on the Google Apps Marketplace. Pricing for Vana Workforce is the same as Zoho People, starting at $19 / month for up to
10 employees. Since it is the same as Zoho People’s subscription, we recommend businesses to take advantage of the vast consulting expertise that Vana Consulting Group can deliver.

VanaHRM: A HRM Solution built over Zoho People

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Vana Consulting Group, a Toronto based Human Resources consultancy has recently announced VanaHRM, a customized Human Resources Management solution powered by Zoho People. It’s an on-demand, completely integrated, feature-rich, turn-key solution for small to mid size businesses for managing their entire workforce.

VanaHRM offers an extensive set of features that includes total workforce management, leave management,
compensation planning, employee surveys, company property tracking, pre-packaged reports (from Zoho Reports) etc. Pricing for VanaHRM
is the same as Zoho People. Plans start at $19 / month for upto 10 employees. Since it is the same as Zoho People’s
subscription, we recommend businesses to take advantage of Vana’s vast consulting expertise in the HRM space and get a custom-made solution from them.

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Zoho People : Integration with Resume Parsing Tool, ResumeGrabber

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One of the biggest pain points recruiters face is populating their resume database with resumes from different sources like mail attachments, desktop folders, job portals etc. And with the web 2.0 wave, these sources have extended to social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc too. Recruiters typically spend anywhere between 60-90% of their time manually updating the resume database. Where as this time can be spent more usefully to connect with prospective candidates or improving their placement ratio.

Enter resume parsing tools and they play an important role in increasing the productivity of recruiters. Zoho People is now integrated with eGrabber’s flagship product, resume parser tool -ResumeGrabber Pro. Entering resumes manually are a thing of the past now and Zoho People users can extract resumes directly from email attachments, folders, job portals, social sites, Google search results etc into their Zoho People account using this tool.

The salient features of this tool :

Powerful Search
Scans for resumes from search engine results, resume websites, e-mails and PC folders.

Smart Filter
Resume Identification Technology accurately recognizes and displays only resumes from a bunch of documents.

Intelligent Analyzer
Identifies candidate contact details in the resume and transfers it to your database.

Save Resumes
Save search results and labels ‘hot’ candidates for future reference.

Duplicate Check
Checks for duplicates against your Zoho People account before adding the resume. Saves time that you would otherwise spend on processing multiple records of the same candidate.

How to set up Zoho People and ResumeGrabber integration :

  1. Download and install ResumeGrabber (10 days trial available).
  2. Click ‘Menu’ on the ResumeGrabber toolbar and choose ‘Options ‘.
  3. From the left panel navigation, choose ‘Destination setup’ under ‘Options’ menu.
  4. Choose Zoho People from the ‘Set destination application as’ and click ‘Transfer Options’.
  5. Provide your Zoho People account details, and click ‘Login’.
  6. Duplicate check can be configured from ‘Transfer Options’.
  7. Map/Enter the default value related to Zoho People’s resume form fields, click OK to close ‘Destination setup’ window
  8. Now, choose your resume source (Selected folder, MS-Outlook, Google Search, Yahoo Search, …) on the ‘From’ drop down on the ResumeGrabber tool bar.
  9. If the source is ‘Selected folder‘, select the desired resumes or all resumes from your PC folders and click ‘Grab’ from ResumeGrabber Pro tool.
  10. ResumeGrabber would capture all/selected resumes and display in its evaluation grid.
  11. You can screen the resumes and select the desired ones (by choosing checkboxes) and click ‘Transfer’.
  12. Login to your Zoho People account in the browser to see the transferred resumes in the resume pool.

This demo video shows how to grab resumes from Microsoft Outlook using ResumeGrabber and make them available in Zoho People.