Zoho People in 2023: Key highlights

In 2023, we celebrated a significant milestone at Zoho People as our incredible HR software marked its 15th anniversary, making it a truly momentous year for us. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, employees, and partners, who stood by us at each stage and helped Zoho People become what it is today. Here's a quick glimpse of some of the key highlights of Zoho People in 2022:

Major features

  • Employee Engagement

In 2023, we rolled out Employee Engagement, an exclusive module in Zoho People that enables organizations to measure the engagement, happiness, and satisfaction levels of their employees using surveys. The module supports two types of surveys, including eNPS and annual engagement surveys. With eNPS, organizations can send out one core question that employees can rate on a scale of zero to10. The annual engagement surveys are more elaborate, with up to 50 questions that help organizations get in-depth and extensive insights. Learn more about Employee Engagement in Zoho People.

  • Audit history for attendance

Audit history as part of Zoho People's attendance management system provides organizations with detailed information about how an employee's working hours are utilized. Admins can now track their workforce's check-in time, check-out time, permission time, on-duty entries, break entries, regularization entries, and time integration entries from a single, centralized space. Employees can access their attendance entries, whereas managers and admins can access the audit history of other employees. Learn more about audit history for attendance. 

  • Zoho Payroll integration for UAE

Very recently, Zoho Payroll launched its UAE version, and we at Zoho People integrated with it to make HR processing more streamlined for our UAE customers. With this integration, all the key information about an employee, including their name, designation, department, contact information, and address, can be synced, and any changes that you make to this information in Zoho People will be reflected in Zoho Payroll automatically. Similarly, payroll inputs such as attendance data, leave data, and loss of pay data can be sent from Zoho People to Zoho Payroll. Learn more about this integration. 

  • Geo-restrictions powered by Google Maps

Geo-restrictions in Zoho People enable organizations to ensure that employees can only access certain modules and features from a particular location range. This way, employees cannot access specific tools when they're outside of the defined range. With one of our latest enhancements to our product, organizations using our Enterprise plan can now use Google Maps to define the location range for geo-restrictions. Learn more about this enhancement. 

  • Outlook actionable cards

Outlook actionable cards allow managers and HR admins to view, approve, and reject requests right from their Outlook account without having to log in to Zoho People or complete any additional steps. For this, you just have to ensure that your Microsoft Outlook and Zoho People accounts are synced. Learn more about this enhancement. 

Major initiatives

  • Zoho People user group meet-ups

This year, we organized meet-ups in multiple locations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad, to interact with our customers, make them aware of our latest features, answer all their questions, and help them get the best out of Zoho People. We also organized a Zoho People workshop for our customers from the UAE region.

  • Employee Appreciation Day campaign

Employee Appreciation Day is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and appreciate the efforts of employees, who go above and beyond for your business. That's why we set up a 360-degree video booth for our own employees at Zoho. Our colleagues had a lot of fun taking videos with their friends and team members!

  • International HR Day campaign

Every year on International HR Day, we launch an awareness campaign about all the good work HR professionals do to nurture their employees and grow their organization. This year, we asked some employees and HR professionals to share their best HR experiences with us, and we got to see a whole lot of responses that truly highlighted how HR teams wear many hats and strive hard to provide the support that employees require.

  • 15 years of Zoho People

As mentioned earlier, Zoho People recently completed its 15th year, and we really couldn't keep our calm. We dedicated two days to celebrating each one of our employees, who gave everything to help us achieve this milestone. We had a blast with interactive games, awesome performances, and other cool elements that brought us together over our key milestone.

  • The People Behind People series

We launched a social media series to showcase the unique stories and experiences of our team members who have truly worked hard to make Zoho People what it is today. Learn all about the brilliant minds behind Zoho People. 

Major events

Every year, we attend HR events across the globe to interact with HR professionals from different streams, understand their HR needs, and make product improvements. Here are some of the prominent HR events that we attended this year:

  1. ET HR World Summit

  1. National HRD Congress

  1. World HR Congress

  1. HR Technologies

  1. Zukunft Personal Süd

  1. HR Tech Festival Asia

  1. SHRM Tech

  1. SHRM Annual Conference

  1. HRD Summit

  1. People Matters Tech HR India

  1. AHRI

  1. SHRM India Annual Conference and Expo

  1. HR Technology Conference

  1. HR Technology Solutions

  1. HR Summit and Expo Dubai

  1. SHRM MENA - Annual Conference and Expo

  1. HR Tech Saudi Summit

  1. Human Capital Experience

  1. World HR Summit

What our customers say about us

Feedback and good words from our customers are what keep us going and help make Zoho People even more useful for the HR community. Here's what our customers have to say about Zoho People: 

"From the beginning, Zoho has been a reliable partner for our business. With so many useful features in Zoho People, the solution has helped to streamline our HR operations. Since the adoption of Zoho People, Linked VA Services was able to grow its workforce by more than 500%, across eight different countries."

— Junard Roa,

Founder and Managing Director

Linked VA Services

"We were looking for a solution that was constantly evolving. Zoho People is straightforward and helped us automate some painful HR tasks." 

— Giles Warburton

Managing Director and Project Delivery


"We wanted a system that was transparent, easy to use, and did the job well. We're glad to have found Zoho People. Our employees are comfortable using the tool, and it's easy to configure too. We've had a smooth performance management process since we deployed Zoho People." 

— Ramita Sett

Senior Manager of Human Resources

DLT Labs

Wrapping up

As we dive into the new year, Zoho People is committed to helping HR professionals streamline their HR operations and provide the best experience to their employees. We look forward to introducing more useful features for the HR community, interacting with our users, and learning more about the HR sector from the industry leaders! Here's to a wonderful new year!


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