5 ways that an HRIS can help HR teams be more productive

Being on the HR team, you're often tasked with repetitive tasks like answering HR-related questions from your employees, completing paperwork, tracking everyday attendance, and more. Without proper planning and automation, it can be incredibly challenging for your team to manage HR operations while prioritizing the employee experience. This is where an HR tech tool like a human resource information system (HRIS) truly shines. If you have plans to adopt an HRIS in your organization, here are five compelling ways in which it can help HR teams be more productive:

  1. It automates routine HR operations like attendance, leave, payroll, and time management. With an HRIS, most of these tasks can be completed by employees in just a few steps and will be automatically documented in the backend.

  1. It provides employees access to a self-service portal that empowers them to get most of their questions about HR operations answered. They can access their payslips, view their vacation lists, access their attendance data, and more.

  1. It helps your organization streamline its entire approval process by supporting workflows so that each request raised by your employees is directed to the appropriate approvers. Additionally, it can also send automated reminder emails to prevent delays.

  1. It offers key insights about what's working and what's not working with your HR operations by analyzing HR data about your attendance, leaves, performance, and learning operations.

  1. It cuts down the tedium associated with compliance by keeping employee data up-to-date and providing access to sensitive information based on user roles.

Read more about how HRIS improves productivity in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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