Platform Partner

A Platform Partner builds customized solutions on existing Zoho platforms. This could be a CRM solution tailored to a specific industry, like travel, or a completely customized solution for a specific client, like an order management system for a wine distributor.

Building a Vertical CRM Solution

  • 01 Outline Vertical Solution

    • Understand the needs of a specific industry (e.g. auto sales, construction, real estate, restaurants)

    • Define customization, workflows, and processes
  • 02 Implement on Zoho CRM

    • Customize modules and workflows

    • Build integrations with Zoho and other industry-specific apps

    • Test and verify solutions against market requirements
  • 03 Market and Sell

    • Brand, price, and launch vertical CRM

    • Work with Zoho to build marketing campaigns for customer acquisition

    • Acquire customers and support them through their life cycle

What You Get

  • Highly configurable and customizable Zoho CRM platform for vertical CRM development (both web and mobile)
  • Option to offer a customized vertical CRM under own brand and domain name, hosted by Zoho
  • Access to a dedicated business and partner support team
  • Contact with current customers who have implemented similar systems
  • Freedom to set pricing and margins, under your own brand

What We Expect

  • Deep knowledge of the processes and best practices used in target industry
  • Platform development skills and resources
  • Established business with prospects in chosen industry
  • Lead generation and customer acquisition capabilities
  • Experience managing customer support and customer relationships

Platform Partners can build a branded business on Zoho.

What You Get?

  • Partner-branded solutions, priced and supported by you
  • Zoho Creator, a low-coding application builder for web and mobile platforms with over a million developed apps
  • Deluge, a fully functional scripting language for sophisticated programming
  • Pre-built integrations with Zoho's full suite of business apps as well as applications from Microsoft, Google, Intuit, Salesforce, Paypal and others
  • Invitations to Zoho events held around the world
  • Dedicated support for platform issues
  • Listing on Zoho sites for Certified Partners
  • Online training and learning materials
  • Secure marketplace to list and sell your custom apps

What We Expect?

  • Experience building custom solutions for clients
  • Software programming skills, including collecting customer requirements, formulating product specifications, and delivering features
  • Track record of establishing business prospects, generating leads and acquiring customers for custom solutions
  • Ability to completely support and manage customer relationships
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