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Everything you need to track website metrics, analyze visitor behavior, and optimize website conversions.

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Goals: Track Website Metrics

Track your business's growth over time, across countries, devices, and audience segments by setting Goals that match your business' objectives. 

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Track Key Website Metrics
Identify Top Performing Webpages
Track by devices
Track Geographical Conversions

Funnel Analysis: Follow your visitors' paths

Track your website's conversion funnel to find the pages with the most drop-offs. Using Funnel Analysis to identify such pages is the first step of increasing your website's conversions. 

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Heatmaps: See what your visitors see

Zoho PageSense helps you see how visitors interact with your website. Learn what grabs their attention and what distracts them, and get a look at complete visitor engagement details.

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Find Activity Hotspots
How Low Do Your Visitors Go
Find Activity Hotspots

Form Analytics: Eliminate friction in form submissions

Analyze the friction that visitors are facing while filling out your website's form. Uncover the reason for the high drop-offs from particular fields to increase the number of successful form submissions.

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Analyze Form Metrics
Dissect Field-Level Metrics

Session Recording: Play back real user experiences

PageSense lets you record every visitor interaction with your website. Play back the recording to see what your visitors expect, what frustrates them, and which pages they're switching between.

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A/B Testing: Create and test web page variations

If your aim is to boost conversion, it's good practice to continually tweak your website to suit your visitors' liking. With PageSense, you don't have to guess which website changes your visitors prefer, or which one will increase their chances of conversions: Just run an A/B test to find out.

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Intuitive Visual Editor​
Detailed Reporting
Follow Forecast To Stay Ahead​

Other PageSense Features You'll Love


Forecast A/B Test Results

Follow the conversion rate trend each variation in your A/B test might take before the test completes.


Solution for Pages Beyond Login Sessions

Use our Chrome extension to experiment with pages that hide behind login sessions.


Real-time Analytics

We want to make sure you never miss a single click. We continually process and monitor data to make sure you get all the metrics in real time .


Report Sharing

We're all for team spirit! Share your findings with your colleagues at any time to foster collaborative decision-making.


Single Page Application Support

You can use all of our features even if you have an SPA, or if your website loads a single HTML page that updates dynamically as visitors interact with it.


Powerful Segmentation

With advanced segmentation options available, slice and dice the reports to see how each niche segment of your audience is interacting with the website.

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